Animal Jam Theme Music

You Guys: :Comes into room, see's Ja on computer writing and listening to heavy metal music:
You Guys: :puts hands over ears: YEEOW THAT HURTS :screams at top of lungs with megaphone: JA TURN THAT DOOOWN
Me: WHAT?!
Me: OH OKAY :turns off:
You Guys: I think we're half deaf now ...
Me: Oh ahh sorry I get a bit carried away sometime ehehe
You Guys: Oh we forgot our sandwiches be right back.
Me: Alright.
5 minutes later 

You guys: Comes into room with sandwiches and see's Ja writing again listening to The Blues music: 
Me: I got a broken mouse pad, I got a broken cracked screen, my friends hate my intros, oh I got them, Blogger Blues. 
You Guys: That doesn't even rhyme 
Me: Yes it does! I took rhyme classes! 
You Guys: That's not a thing. 
Me: Yes it is! Here I'll make a rhyme for you right now ahem, bee's in a baaand, pea's on a paaaan, key's in the vaaaan, cheese in a caaaan!
You Guys: ......
Me: It's a weird thing me a Pob made up like 6 years ago don't judge us! 
You Guy: ............ :Leaves room: 

From rock star music to the blues to rhyming, interesting XD
Today is my little brother's Birthday! :D
:throws confetti at him: HAPPITY BIRTHDAY KID
You Guys: Happyity?
Me: Yes .....

I'm excited for today because we're going to watch The Scorch Trials!! :OO
Ok let's just get on with the post shall we XD

Anyway, a few days ago I was listening to Lord of The Rings music, and I was thinking about all the different themes certain places or people have, like;

Hobbition: Violins, flute, fiddle.
Nazgul's: Trumpets, strings, choir. And sometimes this super creepy whistle thing creeps me out :P
Orcs: Trumpets, drums.
Minas Morgul: Strings trumpets, and some drums. 

The creepiest of all of these is totally Minas Morgul XD 
There are of course more themes but I can't go through all of them!
So anyway, I thought it'd be fun to try and guess what instruments are in the theme music of the lands of Jamma.
:Turns on Animal Jam and Turns of LOTR music: 
By the way I'm not very good at naming instruments. 

Coral Canyons: Whistle I think, and drums.
Crystal sands: I think just drums? 
Appondal: Uhh ummm xylophone, the flute, And a little bit of drums
Normal Den Music: Flute, strings, drums
Temple of Zios: Drums 
Mt. Shiveer: flutes, drums, 
Kimbara Outback: Flutes and drums again XD 
Jamma Township: Flutes and drums AGAIN

Sarepia Forest: I have no idea what this is O,O

And that is about it, I'm not going to do the ocean ones sense I don't really know what really any of the instruments are called XD  

AJHQ Really likes flutes and drums  But I guess there are so many different sounds you can make with them XD
My favorite music is probably Appondal
This was a fun post to do!
But also really annoying straining my brain to remember what some of the instruments were called XD
Wait a second, did the wood pecker just crawl into the hole it made in the tree with it's beak? o,o

:serches Animal Jam woods pecker: 
A huge thanks to Housemom418 For giving me the mouse pet!! ^.^

Ummm nope that's not gonna fit dude.

Peace Loaf Ninja's Out.

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Ooh! I didn't know you were a metal head!
    There are lots of different types of drums.

  2. This is quite irrelevant to the post, but my chat had gotten degraded to non free chat, can you help me figure out how I can get it back?


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