Winners, And 'Fame' Chapter 2!

IT WAS LIKE, 103.. 104.. 105..

Sweet me: Hi, guys! I just got done counting the comments for the commenting contest. It was quite a chore, but it's worth it! Lets get on with the post! c:

You guys: *crickets* *blink blink*

Normal me: 😳 What just happened?


That was just


But anyways, yes, I did finish counting the comments for the commenting contest! The end result was pretty close! But someone won, having just 10-12 more comments than their opponent. Give a round of applause to...

Hehe, you get to see my horrible hand writing and my 'mad scientist' paper 😆.
Congratulations to, Swirlshine! Who finished with a big 205 (or is it 203..) comments!

If I do this again, it really helps if you count your comments in between. At one point, Sarah counted that she had made 104 comments, which really helped me out. So, thank you, Sarah!

Now, Swirlshine. 

I have a few options for your prizes. You get to choose from this small list, of what you would like!

1. Logo for your blog.
2. Signature pack for your blog posts. 
3. RIM Cat Ears, or RIM Jingle Bell Necklace.

Cat Ears
Jingle Bell Necklace
Again, a big congratulations to you! 


And now, the winners of the Masterpiece Giveaway! 

The winner of the Masterpiece is..


Winning a Masterpiece of, a goldenish and silverish unicorn, eating grass, with a banana next to it, and the banana is still in it's peel!

I'm strangely happy and excited I get to draw this. After I work on a commission for my friend, I will get to work on this!

Now winning the drawings on paper are,


Ja983 will be winning a horse drawing, and Rainbow000pegasus will win a Mira drawing.


I will post up all of the drawings next Tuesday, and will be giving Sarah her masterpiece, probably around Friday or Saturday, depending on how long I take to draw it, and how long it takes to approve.


And with that, here's this weeks chapter of 'Fame'! 

Enjoy, and don't forget to comment how you like it.

Chapter 2

That next day, I found myself surfing YouTube, looking at all the various videos from the different Famous Jammer's. It seemed that everyone of them had mentioned my channel in their newest videos. It was mind boggling. Why would they do that for me? I was nobody special. I shrugged, and decided to head onto Animal Jam. When I logged on, I noticed a little number near the den icon. "20 people are at my den?" I asked myself in shock. I quickly went there, and saw people were chanting, "Gracie! Gracie!" My eyes widened. "OMG GRACIE POP STAR! AUTO PLZ!" A Jammer yelled. They all hovered around me. "Hehe." I typed as I surveyed the den. "Om your so famoose" Another Jammer said. I smirked. I suddenly got a Jam-A-Gram, and opened it. It was from my good buddy Coolcat. "Hi!" She started. "Wanna come to my den? I have a surprise!" She said. Uh.. I thought to myself, as I made a new Jam-A-Gram, and typed. "I'm busy right now." I simply said. I cringed slightly as I sent it off. A thought came across my mind briefly. I'm too good to hang out with my old friends. The Famous Jammer's can take their places. I smiled pridefully. I then realized I got another Jam-A-Gram, but this time, it was from Bepper. "Hi there! Wanna come hang out with me and Snowy?" The JAG said. "Oh yes! I would love to come!" I quickly wrote back. I teleported to their location, and found them in an almost completely empty Jamaa Township, sitting around the Mira statue. "Hey girl!" Bepper greeted. "Hello." Snowy chimed in. I 'sat' down next to Bepper, and did a smile emoji. "So guys, how did you find out about my channel?" I asked, curious. "Some person named Sarahkey told us about it, and me and the others wanted to check it out." Snowyclaw explained. I gulped. "Sarahkey8..?" I asked slowly. "Yeah," Bepper cut in. "She comments on all of our videos." She finished. "Oh." I replied.
That night, my iPhone rang loudly as I sat on the couch, watching TV with my parents. "Whose calling you?" Mom asked as I picked up my phone. "I don't know, it has some weird phone number, but on the bottom it says it could be- Wisteriamoon?" I said in shock. "Is that another Famous Jammer?" Dad asked. I laughed. "Yes, Dad. You need to learn these!" I said with a smirk as I answered the phone call, and it was Wisteriamoon. "Wisteria? How did you get my phone number?" I asked, in a slightly disturbed tone. "Oh, I just googled your username, and found your phone number" She replied. "Oh gosh." I mumbled. "I'm kidding. Your friend gave it to me." Wisteria said with a laugh. "Ok? Well, anyways, what were you calling me about?" I asked, quickly changing the subject from my friends. "Oh, I wanted to know if you wanted to make a video with me. We'll both go on Animal Jam at a certain time, I'll call you, and record the phone call. You can choose what we'll do it about. A smile came across my face. "That sounds cool! I can do it tomorrow night." I replied, cheerfully. "Good! Talk to you then!" Wisteria said as we both hung up.


Hmm. Starting to neglect my friends in this chapter... Will I decide to leave my friends all together? Or leave the Famous Jammer? You'll have to wait and see.

Heres this weeks Bible verse!

Psalm 23:6

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life,
and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.

Remember, God made YOU!

P.S. Sorry this post is kinda short! I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment, but next weeks post will be longer. Adios!




    *jumps into story and says to Story Gracie* GRACIE YOU TALK TO US RN OR YOU WON'T BE TALKING TO US AT ALL
    I srsly need Chapter 3 rn O.O XD

    1. Ikr?! I finally am not that afraid anymore (just a slight bit) and I wanna attack their talk with COOKIE PANDAS!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

    2. Lol BANANACORN!! 🍌 🦄

  2. I'm actually really happy with myself cuz guess what? GUESS WHAT?! I'm not that scared anymore! It's just fiction after all, and you even said you'd NEVER choose famous Jammers over us! I'm just proud of myself XD! But how could I ignore poor coolcat?!??!??!?? IM SORRY BUT I DONT LIKE U
    XD jk

  3. Omg!!!!! Idk when I'll be in this story but I have a pawfect song for this story

    (In beat of you belong with me)
    Your on animal jam with your friends, were upset. Were sayin "stop, stop, stop. We're in our rooms, it's a typical day on YouTube, and we see YOU hanging out with the famous girls, instead of with Coolcat and us, like you lied to us!"

    We are just Jammers, but they are famous, does that mean we're not good enough? Were dreamin bout when we used to hang out and bout if you ever will

    You need to see, we understand you!
    But why don't you see? YOU NEED TO JAM WITH MEEEE!!!!

    XD I hope u liked this funny parody lyrics :3

  4. Ohhh also CONGRATS SWIRLY SHINEY!!!!!!!

  5. EKANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T LEAVE US GRACIE! WAAAAHHH
    Woo woo! can't wait for my picture to be done HURRY UP GRACE! XD
    *King Tough Bunny

  6. Who like my new profile picture?!
    *King Tough Bunny

  7. Yeah, it'd be really cool to have a successful YouTube channel one day. My highest dream in that field would be becoming a Jambassador. :P It'd take years, but I do believe I can do it, with enough effort put into having a good channel. I'd like to try.

    Please know that I could NEVER forget you guys. Real buddies are the only thing that would make dodging crowds bearable. (In case it's not obvious, I'm kinda shy.... XD)

    Question. In the hypothetical situation that the YouTuber thing ever DID happen to me, would you want me to keep your names out of it? I know it sounds silly, but many buddies of "famous" Jammers get a LOT of pestering. A LOT. I've experienced a little myself. So, if you wanted to avoid that, would you prefer I didn't mention you in vids...? I know it's a silly hypothetical question, but it's only polite to ask, and I really really do want your opinion on it. It seems important to ask. *shrug*

    Also just woke up, so I'm a little bit brain-fuzzy still. That could explain the unnaturally pressing need to ask hypothetical questions.

    If a tree falls in Sarepia, and it doesn't make a sound, does it still squish the five roleplayers under it? "MEOW!" "Get me out!!" "This thing is heavy!" "I I is squished I I" "HAAAAAAAAALP!"


    1. Ikr XD But the crowds O.O

      Same XD

      I wouldn't really care, I would just turn JAGS to buddies only and turn off buddy requests and have my den locked if I did get pestered XDDDD


      That made me laugh, XDDDD What if 2 tree's fell!? Then there is the New Jammers the just wonder there in Aldan and are just like
      O.O *walks away casually* or *bothers roleplayers XD*

    2. Same XD. But if I was tryin to be all peaceful in Jamaa then someone says: OMG AUTO!!
      Ppl start going crazy.

      Yes! Or what if the bridge in coral canyons fell?
      Aparri: Hi guys welcome back to another brand new animal jam video! Today I try to break the coral canyons Br- AHHHH!!! *falls down*


    3. XDDDDDD Ahhhhhhhh you made me make this weird aardvarky snorting noise of laughter!! XD Hey, you never know! It might break! ;P


  8. Read my new post, And comment below ideas and suggestions!

  9. Gwah- I was taken aback that my name was there but re-reading it again, it makes sense?
    For your story, might I suggest paragraphs?


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