Decisions, Decisions!

G-g-g-greetings Jammers! It's Arctic, back again with another post!

Now if you were hanging around the blog/AJ last week, you probably recall that I wrote a post titled "It Might Be About Time for a Change" in which I explain my current feelings about Animal Jam and my thoughts on quitting. I've given it a week to think about it.

After having extensive chats with buddies, reflection, and generally thinking, I've decided that the biggest decision I can make about leaving as of now is a hiatus (at most). It may be possible that I'll take a break in the future, but I've decided to stick around for the time being. There's still things that leave me attached to the game, and I don't feel entirely ready to leave yet (I still do mean every word I said in my last post, however!).

To answer several common questions I've received:

Q: How would the blog function if you did quit?
A: If I were to quit, I'd still manage the blog. If authors were needed I'd hire authors, and if comments needed to be managed I would manage them!

Q: If you do quit would you ever come back?
A: Certainly! Though I won't be leaving for a while yet. Give it another long while, folks. I'll know 100% when it's time.

Q: Is a hiatus likely?
A: Quite likely. More likely than me immediately quitting, actually!

Q: Can I have your account when you quit?
A: Emmmmm....... Nope?

Alrighty, let's get on with it, we've got a proper post to do!!

Lately AJHQ has released a different limited Edition spiked wristband and collar for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and now Sunday. Today's set is The Solid Gold set, sold for 3 diamonds each in the Diamond Shop. To be entirely honest, I haven't liked any of the spiked sets for the past four days, and especially not this one. One entirely black, one rainbow coloured, one entirely magenta, and now one entirely yellow? It almost seems as though AJHQ is releasing these simply for the hype of spiked collars/wristbands (which I've never personally understood!). Anywho, enough complaining. Make sure to buy one of these in the Diamond Shop if you're interested because it'll be here for one day only!

I'm very sorry Jammers! It is actually 11:00 (the night before this'll be published) and I don't have the time to write a Jammer Sundae this week. But worry not, there'll be more ridiculous animal photos and the like coming at you next week! For now, let's have the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Taradiddle: A fib; Pretentious nonsense

Interesting word!

Our fact of the day:

A lion's roar can be hear from up to around 8 kilometres (or 5 miles) away!

Talk about loud! What if your voice (or better yet, your yawn) could reach that far? Crazy!!

That's all for this week folks! Might I interest you in an odd Arctic photo? Of course you want to see it:

Shakespeare much? See you next week!

Send me an email at (Actually please do, I haven't received any emails in a long time and it gets quite lonely.)


  1. Again I want to say this NOOOOOOO ARCTIC DON'T QUIT PLEASE! :'(
    I didn't get the rainbow spikes because I didn't like the way they looked, and I don't think rainbow stuff is very popular, but I guess I should have still gotten it. :l
    Wow! I didn't know that about lions, but there is an animal that goes LONGER THEN THAT! A Howler Monkey! It's screams can be heard up to 8-10 MILES! OMG THAT IS LOUD, ummm I wonder what would happen if you stuck right next to it. O.O
    *King Tough Bunny
    PS if you're going to hire a new author, I'd like to apply. :)

    1. Don't worry, it'll be a long while yet!

      Yikes - wouldn't wanna stand next to one of those guys!

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. It's good that your not going to quit :)! And if you did take a hitaus, I can cover your Sunday posts if you would like :).

    I'm glad that you would still manage the blog :D if you didn't this blog might be covered in bad comments or no one might post O.o

    Haha, "can I have your account?" Heheee

    Ohh the new spikes.. this one looks like velveeta cheese.. 😶 And those rainbow spikes.. I I.. 😶

    Wow! 5 miles? That's crazy. I wouldn't wanna be standing next to it when it roars.. my ears would be gone XDD

    Nice post, Arctic! :D

    Truth be told, your one of my favorite AJ bloggers :) I dont know what AJC would be without you. I do hope you stay. Even if you break from AJ, you could do posts about real life experiences, keep those Jammer Sundaes, etc. you have a big future ahead of you, I know it 😊

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Gracie, you are one of the best friends I could ask for!


  3. Wow! This week went by SO fast! I'm so glad you decided to stay! We already lost Frozen and Anna is thinking about quitting!

    I'm so glad we all have an impact on some of your decisions. It really shows that we mean a lot to you, and I'm honered.

    1. Woah woah woah! :O Hold the phone!

      We lost Frozen?? I thought she just got back to us from Disneyland about a week or so ago! :0 I have missed so much....


    2. No.... I meant she's back but I mean she may quit. Haha "hold the phone" LITTERALLY HOLD DA PHONE!

    3. Let's see we have, Me, Kara, Gracie, Tox, Custard, Binx, Anna, Ja, Sarah, Swirl, Lost, Pob, Good Grief I can't finish this! So many of you guys!

    4. Yeah. Frozen talked to me about quitting a couple months ago :(


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