Spring Mask, Daily Explorer Update and Summer Carnival Mystery Item

Hey guys! Welcome back to another one of my Saturday posts.
This week has been long and tiring. I've had alot of math tests and studying to do, and next week it'll be even worse. However, I'm trying not to think about school right now. Let's get back into the AJ part of the post.
Now, yesterday AJHQ released one new page to the Jamaa Journal:
So, for a little while, 2 Spring items will be available in the Diamond Shop. Today's are these two!
I honestly love the Spring Mask. It has a really great color theme. Also, the other item is cool since it's completely new. I like it much better when AJHQ releases brand new items.
Secondly, here is the latest Daily Explorer Update.
 And for the last part of this post, during the last update, it was announced that a special item would be released at the Summer Carnival (which is currently out for the Spring Carnival celebrations) for one day. It is out today!
This is a really, really cool item. I love the color scheme, and it's for all Jammers! AJHQ deserves credit for this.
Now, that's all I have for this post, but it isn't the end of the world. (Really.) And I know that sentence was probably a pretty awkward and random way to end the post, but who says I'm not random?
So yeah. See you next time!

1 comment:

  1. Excellent post, Penguin!

    I'm really very happy about the rare item - I think it's very cool and quite fair that it's accessible by all Jammers!

    Rock on!

    - Arctic


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