The Case Of The Missing Meerkat - A True Story, Contest Entry Deadline Extended, And Exciting News!

Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here! Instead of a regular post today, Im going to tell you guys a story that really happened to me. I call it, "The Case Of The Missing Meerkat" Here it goes!


It was August 27th 2016. Which is me and my dads birthday! We sat down and opened gifts. In my birthday card, my Mom put an Animal Jam Gift Card in it! I opened my other gift, then headed right onto AJ to redeem my card. With Mom standing close by, I excitedly typed in the membership code. And I got the exclusive meerkat furniture with the gift card! I completely forgot that I would get that! Then after I got my furniture, it was time to make my meerkat!

 My birthday decor was teal and white, so that was just how I made my meerkat! When you get the meerkat, you can choose its personality! Me and my Mom looked through the personalities, and we both liked the personality where the meerkat eats a dessert. I named my meerkat, and then excitedly clicked ADOPT. But then, a weird error popped up! It looked like this. 

This. Was. Heartbreaking. I tried renaming it to see if there was some glitch, but it didn't work! So I quickly went to the Daily Explorer to seek help. I believe the Daily Explorer moderator that was helping me was HM. She was so kind and helpful. I was blessed that she was helping me. She said to refresh. Now, I was really scared to because I was worried it would completely get rid of my meerkat! She didn't think it would, but to take some pictures for record. I nervously refreshed, but nothing popped up saying to make my meerkat. I looked in my animals, and nope. Nothin' there. I thought this glitch may have happened because my animal slots were full.. Whoopsy... Any who, I quickly told HM that my meerkat still wasn't there. Then to my horror, she told me to email AJHQ.. AJHQ normally didn't reply to emails very fast. But I had to do it. I quickly wrote an email. Heres a tiny bit of what I said. 

Hello AJHQ! Im Graciepopstar91. Today my parents gave me an Animal Jam gift card. I was making my brand new meerkat, and I was going to adopt it. But then an error popped up saying that it can’t be adopted right now! Heres a photo.

So I quickly went on the Daily Explorer and tried to get help. Comment moderator, HM, said to sign out. I asked her if she thinks it would discard my pet. She didn’t think so, put said to take some screenshots for record. I took some screenshots, then logged out. I logged back in and discarded a pet cause my slots were full. I checked to see if I could make one, but I didn’t see it on the list! Im very upset about this. 

All I could do now was wait. Then that same day, I got a reply back! AJHQ  needed some additional information like, the card number, pin, the retailer my parents bought the card from, etc.
Now, I gave them the wrong info.. Thankfully I don't believe they even saw it, so two days later, my mom sent them an email with the correct needed information. Then two days later, AJHQ replied, saying this. 

Thank you contacting Animal Jam Headquarters. 

We understand you did not receive the pet Meerkat with the recent redemption of a Retail Gift Card. We see that your player account, Graciepopstar91, currently has full pet inventory. Please release 2 or 3 pets to make space for the Meerkat. After you have done this, the Meerkat should pop up and be applied to your account. If it does not, however, please let us know right away.

We are happy to be of assistance to you in any way. If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us again.


Caterina S.
Animal Jam HQ

We were making progress! I quickly released some pets, but the meerkat didn't pop up. Ugh. So I sent them yet another email. 

I already had one slot open, and I opened one more, but I still don’t see my meerkat. I refreshed too. Does it take a few days? 

I think I opened a slot right after the meerkat glitch on the 27th.. This was sure a mystery. Two days later I finally received a reply. This was getting frustrating. 

Your request is the kind that requires extra attention and special care. We will be escalating this for more advanced research and you can expect an emailed response from us in the next 48 hours. However, on the weekends, this wait time may be extended.

We truly appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you have any additional concerns, questions or feedback, please let us know by responding to this ticket and we would be happy to assist you!


Katie M.

By now I was certainly loosing hope. I just wanted to go out and trade one, but my Mom said that may look suspicious or something. I suppose she was right. But I still really wanted that meerkat! I simply replied with this: 

Thank you very much Katie! I really apreciate it. 

Then that same day, I got an email from someone named Stormy H. 

Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Headquarters.

Per our investigation into your issue, we are sending the following items to the account Graciepopstar91. The follow items to be sent to your Player Account are:

Pet Meerkat

Please allow for 48 hours for your item to be delivered.


Stormy H.

Hooray! They were about to send out my meerkat! Then the next day.. I checked my Jam-A-Grams, and saw this letter from AJHQ. 

I quickly opened my gift and I got.. 

My meerkat! What a relief! I quickly made it just the way I was going to last time! But this time,  I added a little flower in my meerkats fur. Heres what she looks like! 

It was a case that took about 8 days, but it was so worth it in the end! 


I hope you enjoyed reading this little story! 

I wanted to let you guys know that the Fashion Show Contest deadline has been extended. Entries are now due on September 13th. 

I also have some exciting news... September 11th, Im having a Bible Quiz Night on Animal Jam! Its going to be at 7 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time), 10 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time), and 8 PM MST (Mountain Standard Time, which is also AJHQ's time zone!) It will be held at my den (graciepopstar91's den). I hope you guys can come! 

Heres this weeks Bible verse!

Proverbs 11:14

Without wise leadership, a nation falls;  there is safety in having many advisers.

Remember, God made YOU! 

Until next Tuesday, this is Graciepopstar91 signin' out! 


  1. The same thing happened to me but, it was a bee so I didn't worry too much. Huh? What causes this?

  2. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.


    1. Hiya!
      Actually, they only sign with their names in emails. Sorry!

  4. Hey! I loved that story! Totally do more of the mystery storys! XD so many experiences like mine! ~Gracie :)

  5. Hey! I loved that story! Totally do more of the mystery storys! XD so many experiences like mine! ~Gracie :)


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