Finally A Non-Member Rare Item Monday?! Plus A Reminder!

Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here! Today, CoolCat has been having problems posting, so I texted her, got the idea that she can text me her post, and I can post it up! Here it is!


Hey, Jammers! CoolCat here with another post! And it's time for another Rare Item Monday!! I checked Jam-Mart Clothing and I was happily surprised to see a non-member Rare Item Monday! So let's get right into it!! 

Today's Rare Item Monday is an AJ Wristband! It's location is in Jam-Mart Clothing. It is for sale for 900. It is also on page 13 in the clothing store. It's color scheme is green and orange, with a hint of what looks like gold. And it is for non-members! 

I really like this item! It has a nice, different color scheme. Though it does not show up well on my bunny!  These wristbands are great for all sorts of styles. Recolored items just give you more to work with! And it's even better that non-members can enjoy this also!! 

STYLE TIP: I find that these AJ Wristbands can work great as a leg item filler! 

REMINDER: The Summer Carnival is leaving THIS THURSDAY!! Enjoy it while you can!! 

Comment down below if you would like me to add a style tip with every RIM if I have one to share! 

As always. Bye, Jammers! And ~Jam On!~


1 comment:

  1. Yesterdays RIM was really good! FINALLY A NM RARE! ............ *falls asleep on keyboard like I did on the DE* dhaskdjlasdjlasw oops.. srry guys..


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