Returning Items and Jammer Sundae #60!

Greetings, it's Arctic, back again with yet another post! Did you miss me? *realizes it's only been a week* Boy was it ever a long week though!

I just started school again this week and It. Has. Been. Rough. I just started grade 10 (first year of High School where I am) and I'm already having a tough time adjusting! It's incredibly lonely, the classes are difficult, and I haven't made any friends, so I've just been having a bad time. BUT, what's making me feel better through all of this is getting to make posts for you guys, so thank you so much for reading my posts and sticking around!!

I'm not really sure which of these were released today, so I'll just introduce them all! Welcome back four items: The Pirate Hat (250 gems), the Flower Pot Hat (550 gems), the High Heels (500 gems), and the Wristwatch (450 gems)! Each of these items have been previously released, and are coming back to Jam Mart Clothing today. So go out and get one for your outfits, Jammers!

And now, it is time for:

What should we do this week? Well, lemurs are coming to Animal Jam soon, so why don't we do African Animals?

CHAAAAAARRRRGGGE!! Or wait, maybe not... RETREAT!
Have you ever gotten as worked up as this guy?
Such grace, such elegance

credits to BBC
And finally, a cute hippo to make your day brighter:

reddit (on the hippo page)

And now, for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Boondoggle: A waste of time

I sure hope this post isn't a boondoggle!

Our fact of the day:

It's a common myth that lemurs can hang from tree branches by their tails - they actually can't!

The more you know!

Have a great week Jammers, see you soon!

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  1. Welcome back Arctic! We did miss you :-).
    I'm a grade ahead of you. Sophomore year where I am (second year of high school). It does get better, trust me.
    It's insane to think this blog has already had 60 Jammer Sundae posts! They certainly aren't a boondoggle ;).


  2. Hooray, another place where 10th grade is the first grade of high school!

  3. I feel your pain with the grade ten issues. I'm younger by two years but I've gone much of my life without any friends. I'm sure you'll make some soon though :)


  4. Aw ;( I'm sorry you haven't been making friends. Ask God for his help to show you a new friend :)! I didn't have a true friend at church, and my parents prayed and prayed, and I finally made a friend :) God can do amazing things! Trust in him.

    1. Same here. I hope it gets better for you, I hate to hear you're not liking it so far! D:
      Oh man! Those pics/GIFs are FUNNY! I love those gazelles! Boing, boing!!

      Apparently AJHQ thinks that lemur myth is true.


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