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Whats up Jammers! Its Grace2092 back with another post every Tuesday and Friday for your entertainment! By the way I am so sorry I did not post last week. I had a couple personal problems. Well, anyway, lets get cracking!

What is the new fashion? New in stores:
In Jamaa Mart Clothing we have a wide selection of valentine outfits! These adorably loving outfits are all filled with the spirit of the holidays so I will name them off:
(By the way I can not put pictures on here so I am really sorry I will have to talk to the other cast about that) Ok well: Heart Antennae Headband-300gems///Heart Cape-300gems///Heart Balloon-250gems///Heart Wand-400gems///Heart Earings-600gems///Friendship Bag-500gems///

Jam Mart Furniture: Heart Mat-375gems///Heart Rrose Archway-650gems///Valentine Pile-400gems///

Thats the fashion though most things seems a  little cheesy, dont you think?

Well, lets see what else there is to talk about... Ok well, how about whats new in Jamaa Journal! Well, new pet armadillos! Isnt that too cute! I wanted a sloth though.... Anyway goats are coming too! How cool is that, when you think "what else could there be?" YOU GOT A GOAT XD

Well I can not think of anything else, so I am going to ask some questions:
1) What new pet did you want?
2) Do you like the new goat?
3) Do you like the Valentine Fashion?
4) What contest do you think I should do?

Well thank you for reading my post and I will talk to you on Tuesday! I hope your having a wonderful day! Happy Valentines Day!

Contact me at Grace2092animaljam@gmail.com
Pqost every Tuesday and Friday for your entertainment!

1 comment:

  1. Great post!

    1. I wanted armadillos
    2. I suppose the goat is nice... Not my favourite animal, though!
    3. I never was the biggest fan of the Friendship Festival items, but they're cute!
    4. Wouldn't it be cool if you did a den contest? Perhaps you could give a theme and visit dens!


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