Hello Jammers and welcome back to another Grace2092 post every Tuesday and Friday for your entertainment!

So I am sorry I did not post on Tuesday :( Internet Connections are horrible where I live!

So lets just talk about whats new in the and of Jamaa!

So new in the stores are skis! Yes, these beautiful skis that come in different colors are standing up and in the snow.You can buy them in Jam Mart Furnishing and there only 400 gems for members. Sorry I still cant get pictures :(

Also.. Sun, moon and star lamps are new! Wow, I think these would go great with the astronomy collection! You can buy these at Jam Mart Furnishing for members, 400 gems. 

Thats pretty much all for today, have a fantastic morning, afternoon and evening1 Be safe!

Fun Fact: This big lottery we just had, 1.5 billion dollars! The highest we have ever been? You were most likely to flip and coin on heads 40 times in a row then win!

Contact me at grace2092animaljam@gmail.com
Post every Tuesdays and Fridays for your entertainment!

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