Hello from General!

Hello! General here, and this is his first post here! General has been playing AJ since 2012 (his username is Momsandy) and has been reading AJC since 2013. He's also the former author of the Generally AJ blog! Today, AJHQ made a lot of updates...

It turns out that the "tago" clue in the last Jamaa Journal meant "goat!" A lot of Jammers guessed this, probably because of a goat-related rumour that has been floating around for almost two years!

Also, armadillo pets are now available! That's General and his armadillo pet above. Armadillos are available in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds.

In even more news, polar bears are back! Oh, and there is a vote being held for a new animal in Jamaa (ostriches, sloths or falcons)! General voted for ostriches himself.

That's about it for today! I hope you liked General's first post!


  1. Very nice post general, and congrats on being chosen!

  2. Great post General! I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you.

    I personally think that the new animal should be a falcon since imo you can never have too many animal options for the Forgotten Desert adventure!


  3. Hi General! It's Captain and I was surprised to see you on this blog! But are you still going to do Generally AJ?

  4. You made a great post General!


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