No one has posted the new item... So Ferretlove will!

Hello and welcome to a post! The new item is a Pillbox Hat, which is one of my favorite items!
I love this item because I love everything tulle and mesh hats xD.
I have no idea how to make GIFs, so you're stuck with this.

I have been inspired by Arcticstar to do a weekly guess the trivia on rabbits. This week's question is....
How long do rabbits live? Comment your answer below!
Thanks for reading,
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  1. I can tell you how to make GIFs!
    First, take a screenshots of all of the colours of the item. Make sure when you crop them that they all end up being similar sizes. Next, go to (there are other GIF making websites, but this one works well). Upload the screenshots in the order you want them, go to Size > Advanced, then change the width to the width of the screenshots (otherwise it will look squished). Click create animation, and it will give you your GIF!


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