Adventure Awaits

Greetings, Jammers, Arcticstar here!

Normally, I do not like to do posts like this where I do not talk about Animal Jam, but this is an exception. I am about to leave my house now to go to the airport - I have a big school trip this week, and my class will be flying out to another province!

Because of this, I won't be able to post on Monday (it will probably be "today" by the time you guys read this!), and have asked Mldriver to post in my place ^.^

Sorry if I have inconvenienced you somehow, I will be sure to make it up to you with a great Jammer Sundae next week!

Wish me luck on my adventures XD

- Arctic


  1. good luck and have fun!!! what province are you heading to?

    1. I went to British Columbia *^^*
      It was amazing to be able to travel to another province once in a while!

    2. cool! i live in new brunswick but ive been to quebec and ontairo

  2. That sounds really fun Arctic! Goood luck and I hope you have a great time


  3. WOAH! Awesome! Hope you have tons of fun Arctic!

    1. Thanks so much Swirlshine, it was an amazing experience!

  4. Province.. -gasp- Are you Canadian??


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