Glitchy Gear, Birthday Bash, and Jammer Sundae #44!

Greetings! This is Arcticstar, coming back at you with a new post!

With the new update, we have the Glitchy Gear item set! I think I liked this set the least, but the colours on the items are very unique, and I like them. Anywho, these items look as though they are messes in the coding for the game, as they frequently shift, and expose what I believe to be binary code!

The newest of this series is the Glitchy Portrait. This item can be bought for 600 gems in Jam Mart Furniture, along with the rest of the "Glitchy Gear"! Why someone would want to hang a picture of a Chomper Plant within their home is not clear to me, but hey, to each his own! Be sure to buy one of these today, if you like it!

New, with the AJ Birthday Party, are the Alpha (shaman) Charm Necklaces! These are very interesting (and slightly creepy) items. I think they are a creative idea, and that is important! Be sure to buy these guys while they are still around!

Next, the Bronze Alpha (shaman) Statues are back, with some cool new arrivals! We are now introduced to four new shamans for four new animals that have arrived this year. Be sure to buy these guys, as they are very well designed and beautiful items!

Being Sunday, it is only fair that we have another:

How about we do funny birds this week, just because we hardly ever do birds?

These birds clearly have the most fabulous hair in the world:
Practically how it feels when you are with your group of best buddies:
When the weather gets cold, we all know "the walk":
I have been caught doing silly things like this before. It's a wonder I still have friends!

Which bird did you find the funniest? I think the last one did it for me!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Fanfaronade: A grand blast from a trumpet.

What a perfectly grandiose word to describe a perfectly grandiose sound!

Our fact of the day:

According to the laws of physics, a planet in the shape of a doughnut could exist!

Any ideas on what you would name a doughnut shaped planet? Tell me in the comments!

Happy Jamming!

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  1. Ideas for a doughnut shaped planet? DONUTOPIA!!! MWAHAHAHA, XD!

    As for the Jamner Sundae favorite, that last one won by a long shot! " The melon is speaking to me!"

    1. That is an excellent name for a doughnut shaped planet, great thinking Swirlshine!

      I agree, the last one is very funny, indeed! Magical melons O,o

      - Arctic

  2. Oh! And I think the Greely necklace looks the best out of all of them, plus Greely is my FAVORITE alpha! The Sir Gilbert and Liza ones though...eek.

    1. I agree, though I believe the Graham one also looks decent.

      I'd have to say Liza is and always will be my favourite alpha. However, her necklace is something quite terrifying O.O

      - Arctic

  3. strangely enough i have said something similar to that it was "I am one with the melon" dont judge me okay

    1. No one will judge, since we all have a bit of crazy inside of us!


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