Pizza Parlor Statue and Sky Glitch (Patched)

Greetings Jammers!

Today in the land of Jamaa, we have a new item. Part of the Pizza Parlor series, you can get this item for 650 gems in Jam Mart Furniture. Please welcome the Pizza Parlor Statue!

All in all, not a bad item! He is very cute, though the mushroom on his head does not make sense. Oh, wait. That is a chef's hat? Tut Tut. Dear AJHQ you must be clearer!

Next, I have a patched glitch from yesterday's update. This also happened when Eagles first came. You could go up on the Coral Canyons bridge, and if you pressed the 'up' arrow key, your land animal could go in the sky!

It was nice for the non-members to finally be able to see the store, and see what flying is like! I made a few buddies up here yesterday as well!

And now, the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:
Ballistic: To go crazy, wild, and unstoppable 

The Jammers went ballistic to find that owls were yet another diamond animal!

Our fact of the day:
Your brain processes things a little bit off. This means that, when you see something and perceive something to be happening, you are actually partially living in the past, as you are seeing things that happen a few milliseconds after they really take place! (if that makes any sense)

Happy Jamming!

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  1. I've heard that fact before! I guess we're always living in the past! If you think about that too long, it hurts your brain XD

    1. The fact is really interesting, I haven't heard of it before!

  2. So i actually clicked the comment section a few milliseconds earlier, and then i just turned my head around a few milliseconds earlier, and then typed this comment a few milliseconds earlier.

    1. And I read this comment a few milliseconds later! GASPPPPPP

  3. don't forget sundeas tomarrow YAY!


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