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Hey Jammers! I apologize for this inconvenience, but Animal Jam is not loading! I was on it for a short second yesterday, so it should work. 

While we are, waiting for it to update, let's do the True and False Question, along with a GIF!

I decided, why not have an adorable tiger GIF? 

I apologize if this may freak you out, but Tigers do roll their eyeballs back when they sleep! Along with many other animals that do this. 

Now for the True and False! We have to cover two winners first!

On Saturday, the winner was AnimalQueen89! Congrats (thanks so much Arctic for posting). And on Thursday, the winner was.....
TheHipsterPanda! Thanks so much for commenting! 

And now for the question..
Vincent Van Gogh sold 4 paintings in his lifetime.
True or False? 

If you don't want to comment, then just send me a quick email saying True or False and an explanation here:



  1. That is FALSE! Vincent sold only ONE painting out of the 900 he made.

  2. In his life, Vincent Van Gogh created 900 paintings and made 1,100 drawings and sketches, but only sold one painting during his entire career, which is too bad, as his work now is praised by many people. I think it was because Van Gogh didn't have a great background, so people didn't want to buy a painting from a "madman".

    1. True, and thanks for the explanation! He actually sold his first one near his death. Too bad. :(

  3. It is false- I took art studies *^^*

    Many mammals roll their eyes back into their heads when they sleep- including humans!

  4. Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting in his life; "The Red Vineyard" or "The Red Vines" (both are the same painting) for 400 francs. Van Gogh was only able to sell one painting because of the dark, dreary colors that he used, his different style, and the fact that he had a horrible temper. He couldn't even give his paintings away for free!
    He is rumored to have cut off his own ear after a fight with another artist, Paul Gauguin. He also forced people to pose for his paintings, and was later admitted into an insane asylum, where he was allowed to paint for rehabilitation. This was where he made many of his paintings.
    Van Gogh had once said of his paintings, "They will doubtless be appreciated someday." This was a severe understatement; today his works sell for millions. Perhaps it is his intriguing past that draws people to his art.


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  6. The answer is false. He sold one painting throughout his whole life out of 900 paintings. Sad. I'm Jammer6y6gz.


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