Jamaa Journal VOL.138

*squeals of joy*

Owls have arrived! My favorite animal is here in Jamaa, finally after a month! I am kinda sad though that Animal Jam didn't release anything for the Non-Members. Anyways, here is my owl!

Their actions aren't all that great... however, I am on a computer where I can't record a GIF! Hopefully Pumaa can do that later today. :)

And the Pizza Parlor won for the Den Item Contest! Not the one I really wanted, but it was my second choice! The one item I really want from it, is that crocodile. 

Celebrating the owls we have a new mini-book and, a Taking Flight exhibit!

And don't forget, February 10th is Safer Internet Day! Check out the new banners in Jamaa and be sure to take the Online Safety Quiz!

Mldriver: "Is, that a mushroom?!"
AJHQ: "No its a chef hat."
Mldriver:"It still looks like a mushroom. You need to work on those 3D skills."
AJHQ: :I ....

Anyways, if you want a scarf and a Mushroom Hat, go to Jam-Mart Clothing!

There are also many new items in Jam-Mart Furniture!

Okay! That's all for today Jammers! How do you like the new Owls? And what about the Pizza Parlor, Yay or Nay? 

See you in Jamaa!



  2. AGH! *Their!
    Unnecessary commas!
    I'm sorry, I'm just like that. :\

  3. Yay AND nay. I love the stack of pizza boxes and the croc, but otherwise, it's not that great. I love the owls! But I only have 5 diamonds... gotta wait 5 weeks. BUT MY MEMBERSHIP IS DYING! Only have 5 days left. Fudge.

    1. It sounds like your in a sticky situation! I hope you are able to get a new membership card soon!


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