Deep Sea Crystals

Welcome back to another post! Mldriver here today! 

We have a new item in Sunken Treasures. It's the Deep Sea Crystals!

The item has very nice, poppy colors! I wish it was a land item though. As I said before, the oceans are not very popular. The oceans in Animal Jam are a lot of fun though! You can play a lot of games, and there is cool stuff to buy. ^.^

Speaking of dens, two dens are now on clearance. So make sure to save up your gems to buy em'!

Oh no! One of my favorites will be gone soon! The mushroom hut! :( I like that den because it's very mystical, and nature-y.

Have you ever wondered how many species of snakes there are in the world? Well now Brady Bar answers that question in one of his newest videos!

However the video isn't loading! That's a bummer. Hopefully Animal Jam will get that fixed soon!

And now for the last part of the post!

A giant waterfall! I wonder how it sounds. I've been to a waterfall before, but nothing this big!

And the true or false question is...
Elephants walk as silently as cats.

That's all for today Jammers! I hope to see you Thursday!


  1. Interesting post. like the insight.

  2. true.

  3. I didn't look it up, but I'm guessing false due to their large weight.

  4. I would say true. My theory is that they can't jump and they walk often inside of stomping/running, which means that they make slow movements. It's probably why they're silent.



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