Large Trunk, Diamond Challenges and Item Spotlight #5

Hello Jammers, Mldriver posting for you today.

Today's new item is located in Royal Ridge for 650 gems.

I hope Animal Jam doesn't make a collection of these chests. I don't need a 100 of these trunks in my home. Plus, they are in Royal Ridge, so if you don't have an eagle you can't get to it. 

Also, the Daily Explorer has been hosting a Diamond Challenge. 

They hosted a contest for whoever found the best nature fact, that they would win a diamond. And I guess it was a big hit! It would be neat if we got a badge AND a diamond. I find that it's to difficult to send AJHQ something, for an odd reason. 

Last but not least we have the Item Spotlight #5

I noticed that we haven't talked about den items yet, so why not?

Zios Wall Thing!

Yea, sorry I don't know what this is called. Anyways this was from the beta. It only had one color, which was the light bronze. 

picture here:

This is a better picture of one. Does it look a bit freaky to you? 

Did you know that Zios was inspired by Incan Mythology? You probably think I am talking gibberish. Read the post here.

Comment Call:
Would you care if all rares returned? Why or Why not?

Okay that's it for today Jammers! Sorry this post is kinda short.

See You in Jamaa!
Contact me here with any glitches or questions:


  1. First! Well I had one then I traded it for a rare claw game so ya...

    1. The rare claw is better (How dare I say so)

    2. IDK what this is lol Im guessing a new item!

    3. Another daimond challenge wow! I wanna check it out!

    4. I think the Zios is worth a lot more than Rare Claw. Probably 4 of them! :O

    5. I don't think the Rare Claw is better. XD

    6. It is lol the rare claw game is worth like 6 betas I undaer traded!

  2. I like some rares returning, but not all. Some which I really want, if they come back, I'd be happy. But some if I have it, then I feel sad, like the Fox Hats before they came out. D:

    1. Fox hats are like betas and panda hats, Panda hats are worth like 2-3 den betas!

    2. Are panda hat REALLY worth that much? what about freedom panda hats? Thx Voxel Punch if u do reply. ~AwesomepandaBunny

  3. Why is there a play button in the animated gif?

  4. The zios sculpture is cool though!!!


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