Jamaa Journal Vol. 127

There is now a new adventure called TBA. More will be on it later today:

Good Morning Jammers! Today is update day.
There's not that much but, there is a new game!

So on the first page, we have returning pets. Why are they releasing so many? 
They did have pet monkeys, but they went out of stores. 

Yay! I have been waiting for a new game. It seems like it's trying to bring more attention to Kimbara. I like it a lot but. I never see anyone there anymore. :( Here is where the game is:

And when you enter the game, it looks like this:

I really like how they designed this! And on the top left, they have how many gems you have collected in the game. 

Your really don't click that much. All you do is choose what animal it is. It's still pretty awesome though!

Awe, the panda looks so cute! They will most likely be returning next update. 

This video is adorable. 

Animal Jam adopted an otter? Sweet! And finally...NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS WILL BE HERE SOON! I love Halloween (if you couldn't tell).

That's the last page of the Jamaa Journal. It's odd that they didn't have any advertisement.

Sadly, the spiked wristband will be leaving us today. :(

And the new item is..The Wheel Barrow Planter!

That's it for today Jammers! What do you think about today's update? Yah or Nah?
Contact me at: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. People are saying that Animal Jam got hacked. Just type in TBA Animal Jam in YouTube. It's really odd.. Liza says some weird things.
    Would you like to enable CheatMode?
    Do some stuff in 17 minuets
    I will say some things and then disappear.

    1. Whoa. Thats crazy! I saw some people this morning type TBA is aj township!

    2. Woah, that's one AJ Twisted Adventure...

      1. Liza has ??? on her name as if she's a stranger.
      2. When the entire map is uncovered, it's a shape of a Phantom that doesn't look like anything that AJ can make in their style.
      3. When exploring the area, the map changes all of a sudden (one side is like the Phantom Vortex while the other side is a pumpkin patch).
      4. There is a very high chance of getting a den item from the beta times.

      Since that Adventure was for pets, maybe AJHQ should make an Adventure for our pets to play! :D


    3. yeah check TBA page at bottom

    4. These are all jsut placeholders for the script!

  2. I cant wait to play the spotting game! I woke up and went on AJ to see if there was anything new. I was surprised by the fall look! Keep up the good work AJ!

  3. I have to go to camp soon! I sent you an email regarding this, but I am not sure you got it. Will you be able to cover my Friday post while I am away? My apologies for the inconvenience!

  4. The wheelbarrow is really pretty, too bad I'm a non-member.

  5. I guess all spikes will be rare now... O.O

    1. Ya hopefully I wanna get my hands on some!

    2. I had oe than I traded with rare claw for rare headress!!!!


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