Golden Phantoms, Let's Talk, and Jammer Sundae #5

Greeting Jammers! I hope you are doing well on this fine day! I have a lot to discuss with you today, so let's get going!

Remember monthly member gifts? I did not get to experience them, as I joined AJ in November last year. Well, our wonderful monthly member gift has returned (and has been re-named): Not the golden phantom, but the bulky golden phantom! Sold in the diamond shop, get this guy for 1 diamond today!

And now, we need to talk. It is not often that I get this serious in posts (I want to always be happy :3) I feel that I need to address an important issue. On AJ, we constantly see the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the shadowy side of jamaa, there is scamming, and hacking. What is scamming and hacking? Scamming and hacking are two serious occurrences in both Cyberspace and the real world. Both of them include a lot of hurting others, and are dishonest schemes. It is important that awareness is raised for these things. Scams and hacks are everywhere, be wary! Always remember how devastating this can be. I believe mldriver has a buddy that has been recently hacked. I have yet to hear what has become of her account. Sorry for this rather depressing part of the post >.<  But that gives me an idea! I should add a new feature to my posts- Let's Talk! In this section I should discuss a matter that either piques my interest, or you would like me to talk about! I promise, they won't all be this dark X3 Now, for the fun stuff: JAMMER SUNDAES!!!

First up, we have a cute little hamster!

Oh my goodness, is he not adorable? I love animals! Next!

Cow jokes galore!

Quite funny! I will have to say some of these to my 'overly cow obsessed' friend!

D'oh I can't resist giving you guys another joke!

Aww poor pluto all alone at the bottom while everyone else is partying... Cheer up pluto! We still love you!

And finally, and inspirational quote!

That's all for today folks! Now it is time for the cool fact of the day!

Sailors once mistook manatees for mermaids.

Oh my, how silly of them! Well, that's a wrap! See you soon!

Adventure Awaits

Anything to say? Talk to me at

P.S. Pumaa, I will be making a forum account and also amassing a list of codes soon!


  1. I really like this Jammer's Sundae! And if you need any help with trying to navigate throughout the forum, let me know.

    1. Oh yes, I believe she didn't loose anything. I'm so happy! This is twice now, that she couldn't log on. :)

    2. Thanks mldriver! Also, that is great to hear! I hope it doesn't happen again!

    3. 1 i am commenting here cuz im too lazy to go the the bottom
      2love the jammer sinadeh
      3no i will not number all my reasons like this
      4 u made w in how bold like the fact of the day
      5 ive been hacked they changed my look and deleted all my stuff :(
      6i changed my pass i had a supper easy to guess pass
      7im done AND yes this is a lil anoyying bye :)

    4. same with lazy and ITS SO CHUBBY!!!!!!

    5. Thanks for all the help in the Forum! :D
      Really appreciate it! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah! I usually laugh. I love Jammer Sundaes. :DDD

  3. Wow these are what u call puns lol

    1. I remember on the saint Patrick's day post I commented thats one green house!!!

    2. What's a pun? o.o
      Well, I don't speak English at home, so I may not know so many English words like you guys...

  4. Replies
    1. Extremely funny! I specially loved the Cow Jokes. Made me LAUGH out VERRRY LOUD. XD

  5. I cant belive that the golden phantoms are coming back!!! Lol I just traded one for a beta...

    1. Cool! I have one, if you are interested. It's not out yet...
      I really wanna trade it now, for a beta though. ^.^
      You guys can offer I'm sweetpanda56789
      Which beta did you get Voxel? :D

  6. I really enjoyed today's post! :D
    My fave part was the Cow Jokes and the Hamster! Lol, I loved everything. :D
    Sorry to be hearing about that dark story, Ik how it feels. DX
    Oh and what's a manatee or whatever? o.o

  7. Thats awesome! I love that they brought back the Golden Phantom! And the hamster was sooo cute <3

  8. Golden phantom was worth allot more used to be!


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