Trouble In A Bubble


Our calls, squeaks, whistles, and cries have been heard, and AJHQ made an ocean adventure!
There's a dolphin passage in case you're wondering. Peck and Sir Gilbert have yet to make their adventurous debuts, and I'm still waiting for penguins to be the basis of an adventure or have their own passageway.

New prizes await those who can land on one of four spots on the Daily Spin. Could this lead to another opportunity to earn rare items?
10 more color shades have been added to the rectangular pallet, making Jammers stand out in their outfits.

The spirit armor has returned, along with new accessories.
And in total, they cost 3 diamonds!
The amulet looks like a monocle to me and the tail armor looks like back armor.

The Flag Shop now has a sale, saving you gems!
I wonder if AJHQ would lose money in real life if they made everything in a shop free. Well, if donated gems can turn into donated me, I guess it's possible.

Jammers now have a chance to get their own item idea turned into an accessory.
And if you want to help endangered animals, check out the prints:
Count me in for that letter! It could definitely help animals like the lion.
The king of the jungle will be here for two weeks!



  1. Cool printables also bring lions back!!!

    1. Lions left the stores. I would have got them otherwise. They are there in the Diamond Shop, though..

  2. Finally, AJ agreed with our suggestions! We wanted ocean adventures so badly...

  3. For the Accessory Contest, I had designed a Cactus Tail! :P


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