Horned Armor


Gazelle horns are here to stay because you can now buy them for 250 gems in Jam Mart Furniture.
Some colors aren't in the selection, and I think the scary and rare Monday versions have gone up in rarity.

Players beware, you're in for a bunch of complaints.
I think there will always be certain items that will catch a Jammer's eye. After all, of all the items that went on clearance in 2013, how many of them have returned so far?

How do you feel about the new buddy request Jam-a-Grams?
I don't know what to say about them. They don't look as fun anymore and I don't really see the point in seeing what the Jammer looks like. It makes it seem like we should judge what the player wears to be his or her's friend.

If you're trying to get away from all the negativity, then read this cleverly thought up story of how the spirit armor came to be!
Little is known about a lot of things in Jamaa. haha.



  1. If anyone is interested, I made my own AJ blog. Remember to check back to AJC (here) for the best news in Jamaa!



  2. I'm not particularly disheartened by the "returning rares/betas" drama. However, the complaints annoy me. But knowing me, I'll probably end up complaining ABOUT the complaints. Hehe, looks like I already did!

  3. I just wanted to say this- I JUST FOUND OUT SO MANY LIFE HACKS! That and the fact that people shouldn't get worked up about rares. I mean, they're just PIXELS! It's fun to collect them and all, but do't get mad if you lose a bunch of multicolored pixels! Here are a few of the life hacks- alt+1= smiley face, alt+12=female sign, alt+11=male sign, and alt+8236=infinity symbol. ((Note- you must use the number key pad on the right side of your keyboard.))
    -pnbjelly ☺

  4. I'm not sure it is really fair to call them 'just pixels', because to some people, they are much more than that. They are items that some Jammers feel set them apart from others, in a good way. They stand out. They are noticed. They feel wanted. They aren't just pixels to some people, so please think before you post a comment. Or word it better.

    - whxtever

  5. I have spirit glove when I was nm It meant allot to me! It still does :)

  6. cool gazelle horns trade me rare gazelle horns plz im doomhall

  7. Nothing is rare, whats that suppose to mean?

  8. Many jammers were upset as these came out.

  9. The new buddy request thingy is cool! :D


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