APPLY to be an AJC Author

Ever wanted to blog for one of AJ's oldest blogs? Now's your chance!

I'm looking for 1-2 new authors who can come on frequently and update Animal Jam Community with the latest updates in Jamaa.

If you're interested, comment on this post with the following:
  • Your email address associated with your Google account (don't worry; only I will see this)
  • Your Animal Jam username
  • Your age (once again, only I will see this)
  • A link to a blog post you have written for another blog
    • If you haven't posted for another blog before, write a sample post about any AJ update in the comments
  • Do you own a blog yourself? If so, provide the link
  • How often are you online?
The winners will be announced in a few days, when I am satisfied with some of the applications! Good luck!

In other news... I'd like to thank everyone who visits our blog, because this month we have beat our previous monthly hits record by nearly 10,000 hits! Despite few posts, we are busier than ever thanks to you, so I owe you guys... thanks!



  1. My Email:
    AJ Username: Pandahearn
    Age: 12
    A post on another blog:
    My Blog Animal Jam Explorer Lodge:
    I am online often (but I don't live in the USA!!)

    An example post on my blog:
    My blog:
    I'm online EVERYDAY (except in July I will be on vacation for 1 week)
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I love your blog so much.

  3. hey its me thegeckogod i would love to join your blog you may remember me as bones4 or blackgecko but now im thegeckogod my email is
    im 11 years old i have a youtube geckorushaj check me out im online everyday i hate the update with the new den all the cool stuff is for members only :( i might be getting a membership soon if i do itll be amayzing dony you just love my spelling XD

  4. Slidoo can you send me your email on the forum?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. - noodleremi - 12 - Hey everyone! I am back again with a brand new update :3 The new den is so big and well done! The Crystal Palace.. .O. You can find it in the Diamond Shop for 7 diamonds! Go check it out for yourself! :) - I usually get online about every other 2 days.

  6. I would love to publish on here, plus i noticed a bird on Cosmos staff! Can u just take my user and age and and if i have a blog? if yes, i'll give the anwnsers below

  7. Cant wait till next oppertunity!

  8. Online to AJ: everyday
    Please tell me if you want to see email and age, It's not working. (mine)

  9. i am 14 i am a youtuber i also have twitter and twitch i also have three accounts on animal jam
    jammer6bftz my email to contact me on

    1. and i also am allways active on animal jam and have good rep on google plus account


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