Traveler Liza


Ever wanted good wishes in a buddy game, the best odds in a trade, or simply the luck of an Alpha by your side? Well now you can with the new Alpha tiki set. Today honors Liza, and you can purchase her statue in Jam Mart Furniture, as for the rest of them, so keep that in mind for the next few posts.
Liza is an expert traveler, and can always be seen helping a Jammer in an adventure. She can also give to tips and hints to finding special treasures or objects, and she eve rewards your help!

"You can recognize a mangrove forest because they have parts of their roots above ground. These roots help the trees handle the ocean tides. The roots also help slow the waves even more and allow sand and other sediments to settle."
Allow Tierney to tell you more of her expertise on these plants on the Daily Explorer!

Also, acrobatic cats in Sarepia Theater!
They always land on their feet, but if they don't, they have eight more lives. "Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back".


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