Snowflake Table

First of all, I think I can start being more active on the blog again, now that December is over. I've been so tired whenever I post, I don't know if you guys could tell. Anyway, isn't this supposed to be an update day? Last month AJHQ seemed to update very irregularly. Do you think the just gave up on the two week schedule?

The one thing AJHQ never forgets to update these days is the new item. Today's can be found in Jam Mart Furniture, the Snowflake Table!

This would be perfect in a Snow Fort den. Unfortunately, AJHQ has resold that yet, strange. You would think they would have sold it again, it's already January. Meanwhile, AJHQ has written about the Deep Blue Journey Book.

It seems a little random, but look at their past posts. They are really desperate to get Jammers to go in the oceans more. Just a tip, AJHQ, make some underwater Adventures! That would be the perfect way to get Jammers excited about oceans again.

Keep checking back for another post today!



  1. "keep checking back for another post today?"
    Now I am gonna reload the ppage every two minutes :p
    And today´s item is very cool.

    1. I usually post the extra post around 1:00 PM, so that could take a while.

    2. i want that table so baddd but i was not a member and that was my old account

  2. Having underwater adventures would be awesome!

  3. thats what i was just thinking underwater adventures

  4. O my gods!! Underwater adventures would b the coolest thing EVER!!!!!!!!!

  5. The table is so amazing! I like the frozen snowflake inside! <3

  6. I wish AJ made the Medical Shop music for our den! :3


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