Rare Spartan Armor & Loading Glitch

Very sorry for once again no post yesterday. It looks like we'll need to be hiring some more authors. We'll keep you posted on that.

Meanwhile, today is Rare Item Monday! Today's Rare is the Rare Spartan Armor, found on the 5th page of Jam Mart Clothing.

It goes perfectly with last week's Rare, the Rare Spartan Helmet! I like the colors, too. Also, we have a glitch that happened to me when I entered the Sarepia Theater:

Weird. I guess it's another loading glitch.

And on Saturday I said I would update Animal Jam Search, and it looks like that's done. I realized soon after making the Search Engine it would take a ton of work to update it all the time. So I changed the way the Search Engine works, and updated the blog look, and now it will (hopefully) be easier to use.

If you have already submitted your blog, I will now add it to AJS.

If you have not submitted your blog, please do!

If you do not know what Animal Jam Search is, visit the blog and read the welcome post!

Lastly, it seems most Jammers would like me to put a photo I took at the bottom of each of my posts. So for today, here is a winter leaf covered in raindrops. :)

That's all for now Jammers!



  1. The spartan armor looks pretty epic- I especially like the colors. ^^ On another note, I keep misreading 'Pumaa' as 'Pumbaa'. o.e

  2. I have some very personal things going on my life at the moment, so I do apologize for any days I miss.

    Very Personal.

    1. It's important that you tell me when you can't post

  3. I have both pieces of armor and here's a tip:
    They both look gr8 on horse with black and red 4 body colors and white or black leg armor. ;)

    1. that would probably look awesome. thanks for the tip EmmaK

    2. Ohh that sounds like a pretty flippin' epic outfit. I'll have to try it out! :)

  4. I love the picture you took! Very pretty. ^^

  5. Cool glitch I think I wanna do it but I trade for my rare spartan armor.


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