NEW: Animal Jam Trading Post

An idea was given to me recently to open up a trading post on our own forum! For the first time, users will be able to post about what items they're trading so they can meet up with buyers on Animal Jam and complete their trades.

No more sitting around Jamaa, waiting for someone to buy the item you've been waiting to get rid of. Now you can create a post in this section of AJC's forum, and a buyer can reply. You can set up a time and place to meet and finish the trade!

You can also request specific items that you'd like in exchange for yours, and users can reply back with their offers. Negotiating is absolutely allowed!

Just remember to follow the basic forum rules and not scam anyone. Scammers will be permanently blocked from the forum.

Happy trading!

Note that you must register for our forum to negotiate/reply to or create posts.



  1. This is so epic! This will make things A LOT easier!

    1. OMG whats nm lion fish armour worth
      AND im ajrocks8588 i have nm tan floorig

  2. this will help alot!


  4. I sate on aj every day 12:30 pm morning and 10:30 pm night

  5. Want(s): Beta art easel
    Will trade: Rare silver bow/(maybe)Open sign/ Red feathered mask/ Blue worn (non rare)/ Rare blue glove/ Winter window & Howl plague
    Use: snowflakesillymoon
    Times on: Almost all the time just catch me
    Jam a gram me or comment about this offer just tell me what you want. The open sign is a maybe btw.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I want: a non member bottlenose brigade fin armor
    I will trade: Rare Blue Worn
    Username: Purrclaws
    I will be on during 6:00-6:30 pm (Eastern Time) on weekdays

  8. Now we can get offers and trade easier!

  9. I need one Brigade armor my name in animal jam is: Reileao1 plz i need brigade items and i have rares, wings, diamond items, phantom armor, etc to trade!

  10. user:Wolfwarrior1233
    wants:unwanted fox hat and unwanted worn
    Trading:RARE silver bow :D
    Sorry if this seems unfair

    1. ha a little unfair also
      i have a rare fox hat and a spike plz what are ur offers for it?
      ~koolkid505 blog:

  11. I am looking for a light pink headdress, and my main offer is my blue and red multicolor headdress plus a rare headdress, but I am willing to trade a bit more and change/add other items such as my 2 rare vikings, rare witch hat, rhino helmet, and rare yeti mask. I also have some large den betas so Jamagram me if it's a deal or if you want to negotiate.

  12. Hello I am Tigerluck04. I am on the lookout for:
    Brown and Green Headfeather
    And I am willing to trade:
    White and Red Headfeather
    If you want to trade, send me the turtle jag with a party hat sticker and the text:
    Do you want to trade?
    Thx guys

    1. Update: I traded the white and red Headfeather for a teal and red one. So sorry if you wanted the white one.

  13. hi im daddys1girl101 and im looking for a pink jaamaliday bow im willing to trade pigtails a painted pot and a holiday sweater if you want to trade plz jag a i want to trade the pink bow for the items and we can trade!

  14. hi im daddys1girl101 and im looking for a pink jaamaliday bow im willing to trade pigtails a painted pot and a holiday sweater if you want to trade plz jag a i want to trade the pink bow for the items and we can trade!

  15. my username is Greenbean111 I will trade rare mech angel wings, rare winter blanket, rare shutter shades, rare aviator hat, rare baseball cap, rare pigtails, rare Spartan armour, rare jamaaliday trench coat, rare jamaaliday fancy top hat, and a rare fox hat for any color spike collar. You can jammagram me saying your list for collar and I should reply quickly

  16. User: Forsythia
    I really want den betas!
    I have an unwanted beta (nr) white rhino helmet and I'm not sure how much it's worth... Some people said like nr headdress but I think that's too much! So idk

  17. Hey, I'm Streetfirre from AJ.
    I'm looking for a grey stone water with vines nature archway (sorry if that sounds complicated but it's 1 item).
    I'm willing to offer:
    (Teal with Black eye piece) Arctic hood, (Orange) Studded collar, Chamber lamp, Tiny tree, Rare (Brown and Yellow) Gazelle horns, Rare (Jamaaliday) Top Hat

  18. Im livymermaid and I am looking for a lp headdress. I have a rare rain cloud, royal garden, rare superhero cape, and much more! please jamagram me if you have one and are willing to trade

  19. Bonjour, je cherche un compte membre animal jam . Envoyer moi un mails ou un msg .
    Adresse mails :
    Numéros de tel : 0615370046

  20. WANTS: any headdress

    WILL TRADE: 3 magenta spikes, 1 blue spike, 2 yellow spikes, 3 black spikes, 1 milkshake hat, 2 feathered bird masks, 1 rare pink fox hat, 1 PROMO lions mane, 2 GLOSSY cupid wings, and about 4 rare bows and arrows.

    -Creativename123 Jam A Gram me if deal

  21. I am looking for a beta open sign my offer is
    -rare spartan helmet
    -rare flag
    -rare yeti face
    -spring worn blanket
    -rare shark fin
    -rocker boots

    User is Jammer77qg3z usually on in the morning from 7:00 to 10:00
    and in the afternoon 4:00 to 6:30

  22. I am looking for a red short, my offer is:
    - Masterpiece with 140+ likes
    - Masterpiece with 194+ likes
    - Beta Blue Mat
    - A random RIM

    My username is snick11111
    Jag me if we have a deal!
    I can add more to the offer if needed.


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