Ski Lift Chair & Beta Members

Hey Jammers, today's new item is the Ski Lift Chair, in Jam Mart Furniture.

What a strange item idea! I bet there are some cool den setups you could make with all these different colors. I wonder what other Winter sports items AJHQ will release...

Also, while I was looking at archives from shortly after Animal Jam Beta Testing, I came across this image. It was used when Memberships were first released, it explained the privileges Members would get.

If you read through these old advantages of being a Member, there are a few that stand out:

VIP Party Zones - This is probably a reference to Club Geoz. Believe it or not, Club Geoz used to be Members-only.

Animal Bases - I used to always want these. Animal-only parties are similar, but not the same. 

Priority Access - Back then, and maybe still today, Members could go on full servers where nonmembers could not.

New Animal Previews - Originally, AJHQ planned to release new animals as Member-only, and then a month or so later let Nonmembers use them. The only animal they did this with was the Seal.

Level Sneak Peaks - Sounds a lot like Adventures, doesn't it? In Beta, AJHQ would always talk about Quests coming. Unfortunately they didn't make them for three years, and when they did they called them Adventures.

Well, that's about all. Do you like me to do side topics like this? Also, I am going to finish the Graphics page soon, sorry it's taking me so long. :P



  1. Gee, I wish that AJHQ never forget making things they wanted to do during beta. I was a beta tester and AJ was WAY better back then. There was:

    -No rares. Rare obsession is the biggest problem in AJ. AJHQ should bring them all back. I am so tired of this when peeps get popular just because they have rares. THAT IS NOT A BIG DEAL! SO STOP CARING ABIOUT SMALL PIXELS!
    -No humanized items. This is a place that NO HUMAN can be. There are only animals, what's the big deal with humanized items? I think it's fine if there's humanized items BUT with Jamaasian material or design (for example, high heels with paw designs on or an HD TV made of wood).
    -Jamaasian Crystal Sands but was replaced for a humanized beach. WE ALREADY HAVE WATER PARKS! WE NEED THAT OLD CRYSTAL SANDS BACK!
    -Large den for all Jammers, but then was removed for a smaller den that is the only den non-members can have. >:( THAT'S UNFAIR FOR NON-MEMBERS! RELEASE THAT BETA DEN SO NON-MEMBBERS CAN HAVE AN EXTRA DEN BUT BIGGER!

    I will use these in my arguments of AJ. Mostly about AJHQ.


    1. I agree 110% XD
      Great post, Pumaa. Side topics are great, I like them. And I can´t ait to see the graphic page, I´m sue in some way or another you will make it more awesome than the average graphic page on blogs :D

  2. I wish they still did the Member 2 NM animal thing!!! NM haven't gotten a new animal n 4ever!!!

    1. I know! I remember when the seals came out, they were available for members only a couple of months before being released for all Jammers.

  3. It seems like non-members were treated a lot more fairly back in beta times than they are now. I find it really unfair, because, sometimes people can't afford memberships. For the longest time I wasn't allowed a membership because my family was tight on money and my parents didn't think it was a good decision to spend money on something on the computer that wouldn't benefit me for real. Even though I have a membership now, I still feel like non-members should be treated a little better and given just a few more privileges on AJ.

  4. There are a lot of changes now. Was Club Geoz really only for members? o3o

  5. never play aj [reason why:bla bla stupid membership ajhq make a NEW animal for NONE MEMBERS they deserve MORE


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