Seaweed Boa and More

Hi jammers!
I hope you're enjoying our all-new blog design. The goal in the new design was to create a more user-friendly and organized website, while also bringing an Animal Jam-ish feel to the blog. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Anyways, over the past few days when I've been working on the design, I haven't really posted, so there are a lot of new items!

First, let's go to Bahari Bargains and look at the Seaweed Boa:
Now, we travel to Sunken Treasures, to find both the Kelp Tree and the Sandy Seashells.
In Jam Mart Furniture, there is a... Fridge? Very bland name for a very odd item...
Shouldn't it be the Wooden Fridge, or the Log Fridge, or something? Not just Fridge?

And finally, in case you haven't had enough gold, there is a Golden Tiara in Epic Wonders.
What is your favourite new item?



  1. Your new design looks cool!
    What's that monkey next to the panda on the top??

  2. I LOVE the new design. It will take some getting used to.

  3. How did you add the thingy that shows the dog vote and journey book cheats, and all that stuff. It's underneath your header and page selection. I use Wordpress but it might be similar...

  4. @Jumping scary monkey:
    This template started off as a random template I found online, and it came with the slider :P


  5. A these items look rlly cool!


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