Samurai Helmet & More

Hey Jammers!
First of all, I know I haven't been posting enough, I will try to post more now...

There are lots of new items today! Let's start with the Summer Carnival.
Here we find a... Hat with Dreadlocks? Okay, this is just getting corny. This has GOT to be a joke. No animal wants dreadlocks!!! :/

There are also two new items in Jam Mart Clothing:
The new Samurai Helmet we saw in the Costume Corner! I'm surprised this isn't in Epic Wonders. Also, there is a Rare Item Monday item for sale...
It has the Rare badge which is only used in stores for RIMs. It's Thursday! I'm hoping this isn't a mistake...

There is also an item in Jam Mart Furniture:
Another useful Member den item.

Tell me what you think of the new items! TheSlidoo should post the new Jamaa Journal issue soon.

Jam On!



  1. Um i think its Tuesday?

  2. okay first they post the paper on tuesday. now they do rare monday 2 days a week? the first freedom bands.

    - usmc42

    1. Can i post on the website a blog cause i got a GREAT cheat

    2. I like curved sofá. Add me i am dimond614929

  3. I saw someone TRADE ME BOB MARLY HAT lol


  4. If u put a few curved couches 2gether u can make a circle couch and put a table n the middle, u can hav a buddy game night!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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