Party Review

Hi jammers!
Today I had my 200k/Voting Achievement party! It was much better than I expected a Thursday party to be!
To start, I accidentally went to Appondale, instead of Mt Shiveer, so I thought nobody was there... Whoops!
Here are some pictures from Mt Shiveer:

..Then we met a jammer named "missslidoo," with her panda, "Miss Loopymoon..." I have to admit, this person is awesome.
Next, we went to Epic Wonders...

We played some Tic Tac Toe, and 4 In A Row (hey, that rhymed!)... And then we ended the party in the Flag Shop.
My computer then glitched (or I messed up, I still get confused by my new Mac,) and I don't seem to have any pictures from the Flag Shop.

Finally, we had a party contest, and Jumping Scary Monkey and Geckoguy both won floating advertisements for a few weeks! Here's how it will work:

Jumping Scary Monkey will have their advertisement put up this evening. It will be taken down on the 25th.
Gecko's will go up on the 25th and will be taken down on August 14th.

Thank you everyone who came, and also a big thanks to everybody who has helped make AJC one of the biggest AJ blogs in the world.

Happy jamming!


  1. Awesome! Can't wait for some new traffic to come in. I hope I copied my URL right. My Wordpress account won't work in comments because it has to be I'm lol.
    P.s. the comment part when I said I saw the answer on another comment. I meant that I saw geckoguys comment at the beginning of the party. When he commented then he said, why r u in the aponadale? Plus, I have to laugh at what u said in the second contest. It was halarious when your said gecko can't enter this one. Good job to you, also gecko!
    I'm such a chatterbox sometimes.....:P

  2. Did you crop the Missslidoo pic like that so everyone could see my tiger look like it was dead?

  3. That was fun, Slidoo! :)


  4. Greatshot, why didn't you enter?

  5. i missed it no fair but there's always next time!

  6. Greatshot, are you.... FUZZY SHYIVY'S BROTHER? O.O

  7. I was there. I was the koala with the rare pirate hat, golden glove and big white wings.

  8. i missed it! i cant believe it.... :(

  9. @Geckoguy

    If you meant the contest, I WOULD have entered, but the winners were already announced. :P


  10. Misssilidoo?! Hilarious!


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