Camouflage Boots

Hey Jammers!
There is a very... uh... unique item in Jam Mart Clothing today.
These are army boots... :/ I don't know why Animal Jam keeps making weird shoes and hats when they could be making awesome items like the ones sold in beta. Pretty soon the will be selling jeans and a t-shirt. I guess it doesn't matter.

Jam On!



  1. some people 11:10 were protesting about it in tigris

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  3. lol, i bet they're gonna make hats and more hair styles. XD

  4. Those are some good boots! Btw, I sha'lll be commenting on this blog, because it seems like a good blog.
    Good work!! ;)


  5. You said the instead of they!!

  6. I agree once it happens everyone's going to ask me what for this? DX

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  9. Well at least it looks good on bunnies...?


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