A Little Update

So my last post stirred up a good bit of controversy. That's fair, and I expected it. My suggestion to start deleting most of the posts from the past few years was an overreaction, but let me try to explain my perspective.

I'd like this blog to be a place people can look back on to read about everything that happened in Animal Jam over the years. If a portion of the posts are off topic, rambly, or just poorly written it takes away from the legitimacy of this blog as a reliable archive.

When I first came back this week I saw a lot of these posts (such as this one, this one, and this one). I was pretty disappointed because Slidoo and I put a lot of work over the years into making this a reliable, respected blog. I'm sure you can go through our older posts and find some really bad ones that I wrote when I was young, but let's not revert back to that.

Now that I've looked through more posts I realize most of them are just fine - this has always been a site run by kids and teenagers so no one's expecting the posts to have college-level writing proficiency.

The solution that I've come to is that I will go through all of the posts and delete the ones that don't belong. I want to emphasize that most of the posts here will be kept. The ones that will be deleted are the following:

1. Posts that are not related to Animal Jam or updates to the blog
2. Posts that are of excessively poor quality (there aren't very many of these)
3. Posts that are needlessly offensive or that push an opinion on readers in a disrespectful way

In addition, going forward, I need to ask authors not to add segments to your posts that break these rules, either. Topics unrelated to Animal Jam or this blog should be kept to a minimum.

This sin't going to be a popular decision, but I am going to limit religious topics as well. This isn't a "christian blog" and authors need to remember when they post they are representing AJC, and not just themselves! You are free to write this stuff in the comments or on your own blogs (maybe we can set up a blogroll to link to your personal blogs?)


I'm not sure when I'll have time to go through the posts, but I promise you guys I'll do my best to keep as much of your work as possible. I really appreciate how the AJC authors have kept this place going for so long.

I have to ask the authors not to post anything new for a few more days while I get things sorted - sorry! As soon as I'm done we can get together and talk about ideas for how things will work going forward.

I'll be replying to comments below if you want your voice heard, but please be nice! We're all friends here. Let's try to make this the best place it can be.

(formerly known as geckoguy :)


  1. Pumaa, no offense, but how can you just come back here, after being gone for what, 5 years? You may say 'Arctic is not the owner, just an author with admin privileges." An admin and 'owner' have the same power. You-or whoever appointed Arctic as the new owner of the AJC, and it doesn't matter if you used those words.
    I would only agree on the posts that are Christian posts not being here, BUT they should be allowed to put Bible verses in their posts if it is about AJ.
    But one of those posts, the one by Ja983 SHOULD be allowed, as it is explaining the absence of the author.
    Times have completely changed from when you were an author.
    Post's that are merely about the new items, or even just a new feature (whether it be a party or den) don't do that well.

    And this is coming from a person who quit,
    And again, I do not mean to be rude or disrespectful.

    1. Actually Slidoo and I a co-owners and it's our job to make sure authors are keeping the blog updated and up to quality! As an owner I get to make decisions about what I want the blog to be. I'm not trying to insult anyone.

      There is a difference between an owner and an admin - Slidoo and I know some HTML/CSS and we built this website. I designed the them you're looking at right now in CSS.

      When I quit Animal Jam, I made Arcticstar an admin so that she could add authors and keep things up to date - but I specifically told her not to mess with the template. And she did a great job so I'm really grateful to her.

      Unfortunately Slidoo is nowhere to be seen and Arcticstar has been gone for 6 months, so I'm making the best decisions I can here.

  2. NO. Please. I beg you. DO NOT DELETE ANY POSTS!! You have no right! I will miss any post, please. Just leave the past posts alone! Please!


    1. I'm seriously going to cry. The thought of you deleting posts makes me heartbroken. Why can't you leave those posts alone? Why not work on the present and future? Please. Do not ruin this blog by deleting precious posts. Please. I'm asking and begging you. Don't delete anything. Please. Please. I'm serious, I want to cry. Deleting will only make things worse. Please. Please Pumaa. This isn't right. Please. Everyone's upset, no one is agreeing with you.

      I don't know how else to show how desperate and upset and sad I am. Please don't delete any. Please. PLEASE.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You may be the old owner of this blog but you are not the author of those posts. I will miss every post. Every. Single. One. Why? They contain memories of my best friends. Memories that can not be replaced. Please, Pumaa. Move forward, if you have to. Don’t go behind and delete my friend’s posts. I don’t care if it’s “spammy.” Please. Pumaa, please. I beg you. Please. Don’t be a micromanager. Please.

    4. I hope everyone understands that this is Pumaa's blog and that it is not his fault that you have grown attached to it. He is trying his best to compromise..

    5. A compromise? A compromise is when something is settled and it makes BOTH sides happy. This just makes Pumaa happy. Not the readers. Not the other authors. This isn’t just Pumaa’s blog. They quit 5 years ago. This is everyone’s blog. It’s become a community.

      I can not stand for this behavior. It’s unfair. It saddens me so much.

  3. Also, its just disrespectful to come back after five years and say that you are going to be deleting posts.
    Also also, I again, completely agree with Lost, you have no right, and just leave the past alone.
    (and once again, I do not mean to be rude or mean.)

    1. I agree with Lost and Sarah. You can't just come back here after how many years, and take control. Yes the blog may be yours, but the posts are not. They contain many thoughts, experiences and memories. Some memories fade with time. If you are gonna delete posts at least ask the authors of the posts first. If you want to close the blog, close it, but times have changed. Posts aren't all the same as when you were here, as well as blogging and the AJ community.

      Sorry if this came out harsh...

    2. Let us live with what the blogging community has left of it's community.


  4. "It would be very frustrating to close the blog down without fixing it up first though. And I feel like having a few years worth of inconsistent posts will make it difficult to appreciate the really worthwhile content that may be hard to find now."

    from a comment you made on your previous post.
    How the heck can you think of just coming back after FIVE YEARS and even SUGGEST closing down the blog?!?!

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