Is anyone still here?

I was feeling a bit nostalgic today so I popped in to see how AJC was doing after all these years. I was pretty shocked to see someone had posted today! I made Arcticstar an admin before I disappeared, and it looks like she's been adding authors here and there to keep things from going completely silent.

It's been so long since I designed this blog and everything is terribly out of date, and the post quality has gone steadily downhill since I left (no offence guys!) I'd really like to start over with a clean slate - deleting all the more rambly posts after about 2014 - but I'm not sure if some of the authors would like to keep them up. I think the blog should either be kept up to date or brought to a close, in a state where we can all look back to it as a piece of Animal Jam history. That's what it is, after all, the second Animal Jam blog ever made!


For what it's worth, Animal Jam and this blog were a big part of my childhood and it means a lot to me that it's all still here waiting. I get pretty lonely thinking about my old AJ friends. Roughly in order of when I met you: Budgie, Abercrombiepricess, Snowygem101, Sheesh4, TheSlidoo, Kinyonga, BubblegumBee, and all the rest of you who I'm forgetting. We had some really good times even if we never saw each other's faces.

I'd love to talk with anyone who is still hovering around here. Hit me up in the comments and we can talk about the good ol' days.

(or geckoguy, way back when)


  1. I doubt this will get published but PLEASE do not delete any posts! That’s rude and every post deserves to be on here! Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain memories and you’d be erasing them if you deleted them. I beg you, don’t ruin this blog by deleting my friends posts.

  2. Despite the fact that I quit, I'm coming back to make this comment.
    You should not, and CAN not delete all posts after 2014.
    Those posts hold so many memories for me.
    The comment contest-where I pretty much met one of my best friends, and just so many more.
    Posts may have gone 'down quality' from 2014, but not to me, not to so many other people.
    And the thing is, people these days wouldn't LIKE old styled posts, which were usually about new items and new features.
    That's not what Jammers look for in a blog anymore, sad but true.
    The posts you call 'rambly' are/were [mostly] fun to read to Jammers.
    The more 'factual' posts about AJ (new items and parties and such) were not what grabbed the views. RIM posts may have done well back THEN, but now them by themself don't.
    As I've said throughout this comment, posts merely about items don't get many views. (again, mostly.)
    Posts about AJ comics, skits, people saying funny things, stories, artwork, etc etc
    those are what get the views.
    And I'm pretty sure I think for a lot of Jammers when I say this.

    1. We can talk about plans for the blog - I haven't looked through too many of the posts but it seems like a lot of them are just fine. I didn't mean to brush aside all your work. I've definitely seen a few posts over the years where it looked like an inexperienced author was just winging it lol. Maybe it was just one or two people who aren't here anymore.

      I don't like your diss on "old style" posts though - you don't seem to know much about the history of AJ blogging. Animal Jam Flash was the first blog to start doing item posts, and Animal Jam Spirit really took off with that idea later. We started doing it just to keep up.

      The original blogs - this one and Animal Jam Rush - were about posting cheats, glitches, summarizing updates, and getting behind the scenes info about the game. When I took over the blog I started trying to archive the history of Jamaa and Animal Jam because so much of the old stuff was being forgotten (and there was an obsession over the 'beta days').

      So that stuff has always been the focus here - item posts were always secondary and I often struggled over how exactly to balance the different topics.

      Stories and lore have always had a place for sure, as long as the quality is kept up. What doesn't have a place here is topics unrelated to Animal Jam, whether they be jokes or memes or religious beliefs. And I know Slidoo would have my back there.

      For the record, no one has posted a comment for 2-3 months now, and on most days there is less than 10 views. Back in our peak we'd get 5000 views a day. That's not your fault because AJ blogging isn't really a thing anymore, but I don't see much point in having you guys continue the same work if literally no one comes here anymore.

      Hopefully you can see my perspective. I gave Arcticstar her position so that she could chose people like you to keep the blog up to date, and I really appreciate what you all have been doing. I hope we can all continue to get along.

    2. I have to take back part of what I said - there have been some comments over the past few months, I just didn't see them because Arcticstar turned on comment moderation. It's off now.

      So it looks like a handful of people still do come here

    3. And the views are more like 200 per day... I was way off mark. Sorry about that. I'm forgetting how to use blogger it's been so long

    4. Pumaa, we are not dissing the old style of posts but PLEASE understand this. AJ has changed. The community has changed. Item posts are not that fun to read anymore. It’s boring and anyone can look for the new items. If a few blogs did that sort of posts, that’s fine. But every blog? You think that’ll be fun to read? No way. It’d be repetitive and boring.

      That style of posts have worked when you were a blogger but please wake up and realize times have changed. We aren’t the same community. We post differently. Just cuz you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have the right to attack those posts and threaten to delete my friends posts.

      I’m sorry if I came off rude but this is a topic I am passionate about and I will not back down.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. ^
      Completely agreeing with Lost, these days almost nobody cares about the beta days, and few care about lore, times have completely changed from when you were blogging, which was yearss ago.

    7. I'm not saying we should do item posts. I like the path you guys have been taking the blog - posts like the one about the origin of server names are interesting and worth reading a blog for. I used to write about stuff like that all the time.

      What does need to change is the tone - posts need to be written a bit more professionally than they have been. The server names one was just fine. Others are more inconsistent with our theme.

      I ran across one post where you guys stirred up a controversy over LGBT issues and pronoun use, which really doesn't have a place here. You should have described what was happening on the game and, sure, give your opinion on it - but they way it was handled was honestly an embarrassment.

      There's a difference between stating your opinion and pushing your opinion on everyone - and at the same time being needlessly offensive.

      And on top of that, religious anecdotes or quotes that do not relate to the game do not belong here.

    8. Pumaa, I get where you're coming from but please listen to me.

      You quit the community and gave the blog's reins to Arctic who hired more people. If they have a certain style of blogging that's fun and has PERSONALITY, you can't just say that isn't professional. Animal Jam is a game for KIDS. We are KIDS and TEENS. We talk like KIDS and TEENS. Professional? Pshh, what is this, a business blog or what? It's a blog about a KIDS game. KIDS AND TEENS.

      You saying the blogger's opinions are an "embarrassment" makes it sound like you never quit and have run this blog since 2014. Please never call someone's opinion and thoughts an "embarrassment." That's plain rude and you are NOT their guardian who can say that. You quit. You decided to let other people spice this blog up and let it adapt with AJ's community.

      And I sort of agree about the religious posts being sort of odd on this blog but quotes? C'mon, let a person share their belief and opinion. The authors can not all be mini you's. I know you'll say "I'm not asking for that!" but you totally are implying that and I don't agree with that.

      It probably would have been better if you hadn't threatened this blog and all the current bloggers and readers who enjoy those posts. You have no right to delete posts that do not belong to you. Please, I know you came back for nostalgic reasons but it seems like you came back to destroy the community. I will not allow that.

      Please, I beg you... don't go through with your idea that all the posts made after 2014 are not "professional" enough.

      Thank you.

      -Lostfairy not signed in

    9. Lostfairy -

      A couple things:

      1. Arcticstar is not an owner like Slidoo and I are, she's an author with some admin privileges

      2. You can write fun enjoyable posts while still being coherent and writing in an informative style (without random anecdotes and awkward jokes or memes)

      3. Authors are allowed to give opinions, they are not allowed to be dismissive or rude to others

      4. This is not the place for evangelizing of any sort. We are an Animal Jam blog, topics unrelated to Animal Jam do not belong in posts. Comments are a different thing.

    10. A couple things back at you:

      1. You quit years ago and so did Slidoo, meaning Arctic is the admin and she has run this blog in a wonderful way, letting the authors be unique and fun and creative.

      2. You can joke around in posts and be "awkward" if you want. Look at the views. People enjoy FUN posts.

      3. The authors were polite and not rude. People are too quick to call others "rude" just because they have an opinion that's different than most.

      4. The authors are human. Humans have beliefs. They can include Bible verses, etc, if it's not shoved in people's faces. Most people are interested in other religions, anyway.


  3. Hiii, Pumaa! I started blogging on Animal Jam Community since about 2016, and I don't want to be rude at all, but I happen to disagree with this post... I'd be so heartbroken to see all of my hard work that I've put into this blog for so many years deleted. There's so many great memories on this blog, and I think this blog needs to start flourishing again. It's not just a piece of history- it's still an active community. It's the community where I first got my love for blogging. It's where me and my friends blogged, and made memories. And it's still the place where we can connect. I think we can revive this community. There's so much potential here, and throughout all of the AJ blogging community. I'd love to help out in that if you would like me to. I check AJC everyday, and I would love to help out, find some new authors, and get this place thriving again if you would like. Let me know. :)

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. Hi Gracie - I definitely care about your perspective and I understand you want to keep the posts. I'm not sure this is much of a community at this point though, something definitely needs to change if you want to revive this place.

      I'm curious to learn from you guys what you think about the Animal Jam fanbase these days... I imagine it's much smaller now. Are there still youtube channels getting a lot of views? Are people still obsessed with AJ lore and the beta days?

  4. Hi, Pumaa! Even though I don't write for this blog, I am very upset. I would hate to see all of the hard work that my friends have done, just vanish before all of our eyes. People spend hours, even days, doing these blog posts, and I don't think it's right what so ever to see all of this hard work vanish. Do you know how many posts you'd be deleting? You'd be deleting 897 blog posts. Even though some of the authors left, I don't think it has gone downhill, rather it has adapted. Meaning, that in 2010, people were looking for informational promotional posts. I think it's still the same way it was back in 2010. In recent years, people want engaging posts, where the authors actually play Animal Jam. Please do not delete these posts... I think it will make everybody upset, and frustrated.

    Thank you,

  5. Hello,
    I come back to AJC periodically to see how the community is doing. I feel that overall, "jammer-media" has dwindled the past two years or so. I do not notice popular "jammers" or their influence as much as I did in the past. Therefore, I feel that this blog should be brought to a close. I do not see the point of continuing to post if the blog itself no longer serves its purpose, such as informing people, or creates an impact on anyone (other than emotionally).
    The posts post-2014 should not be taken down. People have obviously become attached to them and that should be respected, despite them not being related to Animal Jam the entire time. They contain memories and provide nostalgia just like the posts we read that were published during our time on Animal Jam.
    The people who do not want the blog frozen can create one of their own.. I see their main claim is that they are afraid of their community being taken away from them.
    I do not see Animal Jam blogging coming back ever, just as in the real world news articles are dying due to the competition from short attention-span blips of information. This is your blog.

    Thanks for reading if you did.

    1. Hey mldriver!

      I agree with what you're saying. Honestly the real solution would be to go through every post and delete the off topic ones, and then trim down the off topic segments of the rest of the posts. That would take forever.

      I suggested deleting all off the posts after a certain time before I really looked through them - and now I know a lot of them are good.

      It would be very frustrating to close the blog down without fixing it up first though. And I feel like having a few years worth of inconsistent posts will make it difficult to appreciate the really worthwhile content that may be hard to find now.

      Maybe I care to much about it though

    2. I don't think you should delete what you call the "off topic posts" it's people's work and they post what they want, they were never told what not to post.

  6. Hey Pumaa! Glad to see your doing well! I feel like you shouldn't delete anyone's posts without their permission.. If you want to end the blog go ahead but you shouldn't be taking away other people's belongings... I also suggest that if you want to keep up to date, try and find an owner that has the time and would like to do it. This is a big blog and needs a lot of work. The blogger community has quieted down lately, with only around 5 blogs who post constantly post.

    I hope this didn't seem harsh! Thanks for visiting:)

  7. why are you thinking of deleting your blog if its means a lot to you when you gave lots of time and efforts in it you can do more work on it, you should think to enhance and improve your blogs rather then deleting it this is my opinion for your blog coz i read and like your blogs its very useful and has many lovely words in it.

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