Checking Out AJHQ's Lucky Castle!

Helloooooo people and jammers and family and friends and pets and animals of all kinds... (I dunno you guys) WELCOME TO ANOTHER BLOG POST.

Today I'm going to be doing a walk through of AJHQ's lucky castle, and I'll be showing you where the secret item is hidden this time! Let's goooo!


If you don't know, the lucky castle den is on the epic dens list, featured at the very top.

Not to be confused with AJHQ's actual den, which is made under the AJHQ account.

Here's the inside of the first floor of the den! This room is pretty filled up with quite a bit of items! Not sure why there's a throne on the platform and a bunch of mats on the floor. Um- that's interesting. moving on. XDD

Going up the stairs, you can see a pear tree outside. It looks super similar to the boomseed tree we see in adventures, but as a pear variation.

Here's the upstairs! I don't see any unreleased items up here, but I do see a few seasonal spring items!

To the left is a little sitting area, with a couch that I believe is unreleased. Or, perhaps is a future promo item. I really like it though! It would be great for a Valentine's/spring den.

Up the stairs, is a really pretty area with a treasure chest, and multiple balloons and columns.

Outside, is a wishing well, which I don't think is released? I'm slacking on my item knowledge... But did you notice part of my head is underneath the well? Hehe

To the top left, is some outdoor items, and a tiki torch, which I hadn't seen before. I saw the fox saying that this was the secret item, and sure enough, it was!

I had clicked on it earlier but nothing happened, but when I clicked on it the second time, the shop popped up. It's being sold for 750 gems! I'm not a fan of the secret item this time around, but I'm sure some other great ones will come out soon!

If you continue on the pathway, you'll get to a cute campfire area! I love the look of this, and I think in the future I might try to recreate this!


Before I go, I just wanted you guys to know that, if you've commented recently on any of my posts, I haven't seen it yet since comments have to be moderated before they reach me, and I'm not the one who approves the comments. If you ever need to get in touch with me, you can comment on my blog :)


Here's todays Bible verse!

Psalm 145:18

The LORD is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth.

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.


  1. Nice post Gracie! The AJHQ den seems decorated very well.

  2. lucky Castel ! hmm sounds good , i wish i could be there in AJHQ'S lucky castle there ,and can find a some lucky thing for me and the castle is so beautiful and colorful,
    its made my day.


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