Well.. I guess you can tell by the title.
I'm quitting both AJ and AJ blogging.

Warning: This post contains a large amount of cheese, proceed with caution. especially if you are lactose intolerant

I honestly never thought this day would come.. I always said I'd always play AJ, I'd always do AJ blogging but.. it looks like I was wrong. 

I always thought that someday, I'd be able to make my blog, me and Ja dreamed we'd call it "The Animal Jam Adventure" but alas, it was not to be so.

I've been playing AJ sense 2013, that's seven years. And wow.. does that seem like a lot when I think about it..

I've met so many amazing people through AJ and blogging, so many people have inspired me, in fact without this I don't think I would have started drawing as much as I do.
So many bloggers have quit, so many losing interest and just getting older.
For me its basically lack of interest, and its unfair to you guys me filling up a space on this blog.

 I do and don't want to do this. I hate to leave this amazing community, but I just have no interest in Animal Jam anymore.
I'll probably log on every once and a while, idk, (Most likely update days)  I'm trying to keep a straight face with a warm smile, but tears are starting to fall.
I have so many fond memories, I'll miss it so much. It's just not fun anymore, its almost stressful to post. I'll probably check blogs every once in a while, even just out of habit.
Its somewhat ironic that I'm the one quitting now, after all my time of saying "We need to revive the bloggers!" orr "We need a Blogger Plaque!" and stuff like that. (Although I'm still not giving up on that. *glares at AJHQ*)
Animal Jam for me, just isn't exciting for me, I use to get super excited about updates and new animals, but now I'm just like, "Whatever." even when Balloosh came out.
I've just lost interest, everybody does eventually, I really admire everyone who has played sense beta and still loves it.

I'll be just as active as I've always been on Hangouts, and probably contact everyone when I'm able to make a blog of my own.

Animal Jam has truly changed my life, and I have so many thank you's..

Graciepopstar91: You are the one who introduced me to the blogging community.

Karalee: You were my first glimpse of an artist, did you know that? I admired (and still do!) your art skills, you have such talent, you were such a good friend, and you really inspired me.

Nafaria9: I don't know if you're reading this as you quit AJ blogging as well, but you were the first AJ blog I ever read, I looked up AJ toys and found yours about the new AJ toys. (Well they were unreleased then) I really admired how you could post every day.

Floracutegirl: Always fun to talk to, Flora you're a great friend <3

Violet: I really love your art style, you're an amazing friend, awesome to talk to, and I really enjoy talking about TMR with you 😉

Snowlondon: I must thank you first for showing me the way to Chicken Smoothie, without you I don't think I would have joined it! You're an amazing friend!

Doomypanda: Even though I don't think we've ever talked on AJ, your blog setup is so pretty, and your posts are always 100% quality, you're awesome.

Arctic: You're an amazing artist, an amazing friend, always so kind, I thank you for giving me a spot on this blog.

Custard: Again, idk if you are reading this, but you're an amazing friend, and always so fun to rp with.

Crazcatlover: Honestly out of everyone, I think you inspired me the most for art. You were always encouraging me, giving me tips, just encouraging me with your amazing art, I really look up to you.

Foxxgloves: Once againn, I don't know if you are reading this, but you're really what inspired me to start animating.

Talloose: You're really fun to talk to, such a great artist, and writer, your posts are always amazing <3

Cosmic: I always enjoy talking to you, you're an awesome friend and person

Lostfairy, Chloe Grace/Koolestkat, and Swirlshine:

You guys... are just the best people I've ever known.
I can't even explain how amazing you guys are, you're always there for me, you are so fun to talk to, almost every single conversation we've had has left me happy and grinning/smiling.
You're the truest of friends <3

I'll miss everyone here so much, thank you all for an amazing journey <3

Wow, I really can't believe I'm doing this, I never thought I would. But it's time.

Thank you for all the memories. 

Well.. this is it, I'll never forget any of you, I'll always be an AJ blogger in my heart <3

And now, I descend to Starclan-
I mean-
NO NOT THAT well I technically yes, that,


Finally.. Supercat got into the files I guess. 

Goodbye everyone </3

This post is a mess :D


  1. Aw this makes me and everyone else so sad. I’ll miss you very much in the community Sarah. Thanks for the compliment, your an awesome friend too, and I hope to still talk to you on the hangouts. (Which is a nice way for people to stay in touch once they quit) The blogging community wont be the same without you but, in our hearts you will always be remembered. Thanks for bringing so much positivity the community and my blog. I’ll miss you in the blogging world <3 See you soon:)

  2. I know we've had our differences, but I really am sad you're leaving. We had some great memories that I'll always remember. :) You are a talented writer. I know we've had our differences, but I want you to know I forgive you, and I'm sorry I hurt you. I still consider you a friend. I miss you! <3

    Keep in touch!! Remember to always look to God in everything you do.

    Remember, God made YOU!

  3. I will miss you so much! Thank you for the message. You are a great friend to me as well. I hope that we can continue to talk on Hangouts and Chicken Smoothie.

  4. Its sad to see you saying goodbye you made our day with your amazing and cute blogs i wish that you could continue to write your blogs but as you said that it is now out of your interest then no issue its totally depends on you, will miss your blogs very much.
    you are an amazing fried.


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