Yay or Ney

Hey guys. The past few nights have been slow. 
I still have 23 day's till I get my Puppy. 
I have a feeling I'll get 4 hours a sleep the day before we go to pick him up. 
I'm currently reading Puppy's for Dummy's and then I'm going to read Ceaserrrr umm.  Dog Whisper's book 
I'll try not to rant about the puppy to much but be prepared to to read a paragraph or 2 of puppy stuff  and also a picture sometimes. I promised pictures to some people XD 
(If you want a little more information go here

Now I'll start the main post because this is going super slow because I keep getting distracted by other things. (Mainly thinking and Chicken Smoothie) 
Oh by the way this post is going to be short because I just can't concentrate right now sorry DX 

1. Headdresses- Yay they are totaly fine no problem with them here! 

2. Spikestravaganze, whatever its called! :D- Ney it kinda messed up the rarity of spikes, and it's also more confusing 

3. Extinct Animals in Animal Jam- Yay Hmm I personally don't find it a big deal 

4. Fat horses who dab- Ney, It just looks, dumb? 

5. Pet Sabertooth Tigers- Yay CUTE

6. How much AJ obsesses over youtubers- NEEEEEEY 

7.  Minor Alphas- Yay it's interesting and gives more variety of different kind of Alphas! 

8. AJ Merch Craze Yay, I don't really have a problem with it. Just, just AJHQ, please STOP GIVING ME ADD'S IN MY JAGS :) 

*Husky Ninja 


  1. ITS NAY NOT NEY *glares at you*
    Awesome post!

  2. I agree with the spike thing!

    1. 1. Nay, there's a reason AJHQ can't return them, and why they were removed in the first place.
      2. Nay, no more spikes! We don't need more!
      3. Extinct Animals in Animal Jam- Yay, it's good to teach kids about extinct animals.
      4. Dabbing animals (btw I deleted the "fat horses" part since some horses are like that)- Nay, dabbing is dumb.
      5. Pet Sabertooth Tigers- Yay, so cute!
      6. How much AJHQ obsesses over youtubers- Nay, some AJ Youtubers aren't even good.
      7. Minor Alphas- Yay, it's interesting and gives more variety (sorry for copy, just same reason).
      8. AJ Merch Craze Neither yay or nay I don't care for it, just stop putting ads in my jags tyvm.

  3. Ah I didn't mean to reply to your comment, sorry!!


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