My Songs for my Piano Recital!

Hey guys this isn't gonna be real long because I have a lot to do today 
This Sunday I have my first piano recital! 
And I thought I'd be cool to show you guys what song's I'm going to play for it! :D 
 This Wednesday my sister Sarahkey8 did the same Click here to hear her songs! ^.^
And here are mine XD
Oh and sorry for the background noise siblings were playing with beanies but they weren't being loud so I didn't think it'd interfere with the music. 

How Great is Our God

 Above All

Dinosaur Journey

Ack I did this one a little to fast 

Hope you enjoyed those! 
There are a few mistakes but I don't think there are to many
If I make that many mistakes at the recital I'll be fine. 
Most of the mistakes I make will probably out of nervousness XD
That's all folks! I almost did that at the end of all the videos XDD 

*Husky Ninja 

1 comment:

  1. Awesome job Ja!! Boy, all his piano music is so caliming


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