Loads Of Animal Jam Merchandise, And A New Story - The End Of Animal Jam!

Me- 3... 2... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
You guys- Um, Christmas already happened, and it's before New Year's, and New Year's isn't here yet. 
You guys- Not really.. Oh and, your late with a post again. 
Me- You guys are always getting on me about time.. I HAD TO TAKE A SHOWER!
You guys- Meep.

Me and my late posting.. Hehe. 

Yo Jammers! It is now the day after the day after Christmas! Still a reason to celebrate, right?!

Anywhoozle, let's jump right into this week's post, shall we? 


Last night I was on Amazon, and realized something...

There's way more Animal Jam merchandise then you would imagine, after looking on AJ Outfitters! I found lots of cool items, such as, 

Animal Jam bags! 

I personally, really like the backpack! I know whats going on next year's Christmas Wishlist! 😉

There's also some Animal Jam T-shirts! 

Not too long ago, I won a contest, and got an Amazon gift card! I got the Keep Calm And Love Animal Jam Kid's Short Sleeve T-Shirt, by Shirt Mania, but I got a black version of it. 

If I ever win that contest again, I'm going to buy the long sleeve white one! I think it's really cute. 

Theres also Animal Jam beanies/hats. 

I'm not a big fan of these, because I normally don't wear hats. (Except to the occasional ball game) 

And now, one of my favorite pieces of Animal Jam merchandise! 

But, notice the price 😁. 

What's your favorite piece of AJ Merch? Be sure to comment what it is down below!


Before I go, I am releasing a new story! This one will come in small parts of a chapter. 

Every week, I will release 2-3 parts, but today, I'll only be releasing one, since I just started working on it yesterday. 

Without further ado, here it is! 


"The End Of Animal Jam". 

Chapter 1 Part 1:

My eyes fluttered open, and my gaze transfixed on my silver Apple laptop sitting on my desk. I rubbed my eyes, and slowly sat up in bed. "Update day.." I said to myself as a smile came across my face. Through my tiredness, I quickly stood up, and sat down at my desk. I opened up my laptop, and quickly logged into animaljam.com. As the screen loaded, I pondered what this weeks update would be like. Maybe a new adventure, minigame, clue for a new animal, or maybe even a new land. "That hasn't happened in forever.." I mumbled to myself at the thought of a new land. The game finally finished loading, and the Jamaa Journal popped up. I noticed this week there was only one page. "What.." I said as I bit my lip, trying not to cry as I read the single page. In the middle of the page, it said, "A Happy Ending." 
The page read: "It's now the beginning of the year, and we have some upsetting news. After more then 6 years, Animal Jam is finally ending. Thank you for playing this game, it closes in 10 days." 
My jaw dropped, and goosebumps went all throughout me. "This can't be happening!" I said loudly. I clicked out of the Jamaa Journal, and clicked my buddy list to see if any of my friends were on. I smiled lowly, as I saw my friends Coolcat89252, Sarahkey8, Custard709, and Ja983 were on. I quickly went to Coolcat's den, and saw all of them there. "Gracie!" CoolCat typed as soon as I came in her den. "Hey.." I typed with a frown. I sat down next to her and my other buddies, and stared at the virtual world. "What are we gonna do now." I complained, in more of a statement, then a question. Sarah, and Ja, whom were sisters in real life's were both crying, in real life. "Grace, we have to do something about this!" Sarah said. I could tell she was upset. "Do something about what?" Custard asked, her heartbeat quickening. "Read the Jamaa Journal.." I said, my tone was sad, though I was typing in a chat bubble. Only two minutes later, Custard made a surprised emoji. "We gotta stop Animal Jam from shutting down this game!" Custard said, as she stood up. "But how?" I asked. How? It seemed impossible, but we had to get an answer soon. 


Be sure to comment your thoughts/questions/opinions down below!

Here's this week's Bible verse! 

Luke 6:27-28

But to you who are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies! Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you.

Until January 3rd 2017.. This is graciepopstar91 signing off.. 

*Wipes away tear* I shall see all of you once again.. In the new year.. Farewell.. 



  1. AHHHH GRACIE flub
    We gotta stop Animal Jam from shutting down this came!"
    We gotta stop Animal Jam from shutting down this *game*!"
    *King Tough Bunny

  2. btw, love this story!
    *King Tough Bunny

  3. I wish I could be in this D:

  4. Could I possibly be in the next chapter?

  5. I understand if I can't, I wouldn't wanna be a bother. I just thought it'd be nice if I actually got to be in a blog for once 🙂

  6. Plz pray for me, well this is sorta a funny story. So I got on animal jam and went to see if my buddy was on at all today. I gasped. She unbuddied me! I started having an attack and was like wait maybe she is online! I looked up and she was just online! She didn't unbuddy me after all! 😅

  7. I don't usually buy merch like that, it's just too expensive! Plus, it's sort of uncool to play kids games at my school XD

  8. Guys... I'm quitting blogger and aj. It's just too much for me and I can't take it. Goodbye. I'll always remember you guys as my best friends

    -Fox (Gfox20041aj)
    Ha jk!!! Got u guys! 😉


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