Candy Cane Tie, Jolly Elf Hat, Poinsettia Decorations and 8th Gift Theory

Okay Animal Jammers, I'm back!
It's currently snowing for me, and I really enjoy the winter. I love to go outside and play in it, throw snowballs at my friends, and just have fun. This is one of my favorite things about December besides Christmas.
Let's stop talking about IRL stuff now, and move on to Animal Jam. Sounds better, eh? Here is the Jamaaliday Gift you can get today by logging in.
It might be impossible to see because of the glitch today. Sometimes, after opening a gift, it doesn't show up. It really sucks when that happens. But I'm sure most of you know what the Candy Cane Tie looks like.
There's also a new item in stores, following the Jamaaliday theme! You can now pick up a Jolly Elf Hat in Jam Mart Furniture.
Also, here's the Daily Explorer update. Today it is a Diamond Challenge, so enter if you want!
 Now, the best time of the post comes now. It's when I have some interesting things to share with you. Today I have two interesting things. Firstly, when I posted on The AJ Spring earlier today, I was searching for new decorations in Jamaa Township this year. i think I found another, hung above the Pillow Room:
There was a Jamaaliday Gift released and it's similar to this, but I don't know if we have a Gift that hangs above you yet. Could this be a future Jamaaliday Gift?
And finally, there was a big fuss over the 8th Jamaaliday Gift this year. On December 8th, it turned out to just be Candy Cane socks. But I just realized something. The 8th gift was sparkling last year, too!
This is part of the 2015 Jamaaliday Gift Calendar. As you can see, the 8th gift is sparkling. I now believe that each year, there will be a sparkle on the 8th gift. It might be a special item, though because AJHQ did make a Daily Explorer update that was dedicated to the Candy Cane socks. Maybe they consider them a special item. But there's also a rumor that they gave out a pair of Black Jamaaliday Socks, and that's why it was so special. Black Jamaaliday Socks are a rare item now, and only Wootmoo is known to have a pair. They are extremely rare. Let's get back to the point, though. Honestly, nobody really knows why AJHQ has been making the 8th gift sparkle for the past few years. Do you think it will sparkle in 2017, too?
Yeah, that's my post for this Saturday. I really hope you guys enjoyed, and comment below what your thoughts are on my theory! See you soon!


  1. I have a theory of my own. Id love to share it. Here it is: Basiccly, a few days ago i was watching a julian2 video, and i noticed that on the penguins for the football shirt it is marked "88" Its a bit odd they picked 8 for both things. I believe that they have a reason for the 8 markings. My theory is that they have some kind of secret that has to do with the number eight. Because think about it. Why on earth would they pick eight out of all the days to sparkle? Hmmmm....

    1. Hey... that's pretty interesting! Also, it seems like the candy cane socks are really popular Jamaaliday gifts... maybe because they look so good?


    2. They do look pretty awesome on animals! By the way i hope you guys consider me a friend! ~ Fox


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