Message In The Bottle Theory, And Fabulous Fez Day..?

Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here wazzup? How's your weekend going? Are you happy? Are you healthy? Are you obeying your parents? Do you like pizza? Yes. At last Gracie has figured out how to make her own intro. Very weird eh?

Hehe! Today I am typing this post at Starbucks. Seems like a great place to write, but its actually quite loud.. I'll try to keep focused.. Just hang in here with me.

Today I will be telling you guys about another one of my theories!

Dun. Dun. Dun. Heres why I think this. 

Alright. This already seems strange. We are in need of help? Whose in need of help? Strange right? But it gets stranger. When you click on the gift you get...

A Peck portrait?! This is the first clue of Peck being missing. Now for message 2.

So it seems like Peck is being captured by the Phantoms possibly. Now when you click on the gift..

From this portrait, I got a brand new theory. It seems like Zios is a human, with a mask on! This portrait is somewhat creepy, but it is interesting. 

Locked up for so long.. We haven't seen Peck in an adventure, but we do see her when you first join Jamaa. But other then that, she hasn't been seen. Now when you click the gift.. 

Mira?! Okay, time for another theory apart of this. Mira and Zios are alive, but they risked their lives to get Peck back.. Now the Greely part of this theory.

How on earth have they been sending this in secret? Very strange. *Clicks on gift* 

A... Lava table?! This for sure seems like a Greely item. His den has alot of lava themed stuff, so I could see this is a Greely item. 

Now for the last message!

If they want to keep a close eye on the Phantoms, it seems like this could be an alpha speaking. The alphas Peck and Greely... Now when you click on this gift:

An artist stool! This gives me every reason to believe that Peck is locked up. 

In conclusion, I think there could be a new adventure! In the adventure, you must save Peck and Greely. 

What do you think about this theory! Be sure to comment your opinion below! 

Now for the second part of this post. Today is... Fabulous Fez Day..? What? 

This photo was on the Daily Explorer.. I looked at it, puzzled. I read the post, and it actually seemed exciting! Heres what it said: 

"AJHQ will be in game, throughout the day, looking for fabulous looks that include a Fez Hat! If chosen as a Fabulous Fez Day outfit, AJHQ will award you the ‘star’ contest plaque and add you as a buddy for Fabulous Fez Day!"

I had a mini-heartattack. AJHQ will BUDDY you. I couldn't believe this! 

If you don't see AJHQ in AJ, you can submit a photo of your outfit in Jammer Central! Pretty neat huh? 

I'm sorry this post was so long! 

Heres this weeks Bible verse! 

Psalm 25:15

My eyes are always on the LORD, for He rescues me from the traps of my enemies.

Remember, God made YOU! 


  1. Ah, yes, most seem to believe that it's Peck sending the letters. But look at those eyes! They're teal, and Peck's are pink. Although, maybe AJHQ is trying to trick us, using the wrong eye color, but I just think that'd be a little confusing. Who knows? Guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh? ;)
    When I saw that Lava Table, I immediately thought of Greely, too. I bet a lot of people did the same, meaning a CERTAIN AJ YouTuber is gonna start going on about how Greely killed Peck or captured her again (I'm talking to Y-O-U, Julian2!). Hehe, don't worry, I actually love Julian2's videos!
    But still. I doubt Greely did anything to her. He's too amazing, too loyal to Jamaa, to do something like that.



    1. OMG JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING! What if Peck learned that Zios was being held captive, and then put on a disguise so no animals would recognize her!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGG
      Maybe Greely would do somethinhg like that,, idk. *whispers* Sir Gilbert is better..
      #Pets4ever (PETS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS *smacks self)


    2. The Lava Table was a little random, yet I think the one that really was captured was the Toucan shaman, and the toucans are writing the messages. (they use plural when they refer to themselves :P)

    3. U got da theory from king bean :P i have ALOT of theorys. The question i ask is. How on earth did they get captured?

  2. Here is my theory.

    THEORY 1

    Peck is captured, so is Zios but Mira doesn't know Zios is. Mira risk's getting captured to save Peck and does get captured. Meeting up with Zios again, They also have 1 toucan. The toucan Alpha. Umm his name is.. Bob! (lol) Jk jk Nick. Anyway the Toucan writes a mysterious message. but sense he is so nervous and things like that, he makes it a mystery. Puts the message in a bottle, throws it out to sea, a dolphin sees it and puts it next to Crystal Sands,

    You know how the eyes of the person who "Sent" the message? I think a dolphin actually just delievered it to the shore,

    THEORY 2! They ate too many Bananas, making them easy pray for Phantoms...


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