Animal/Animal Jam Drawings, And A Highlighted Drawing, Drawn In The Adobe Draw App!

Hey Jammers! Its yo favorite popstar here! Graciepopstar! Its Graciepopstar with a 91! (That intro was just... Confusing.) Today, I was pretty blank on posting ideas. Realizing I had to post soon, I went into me and my Mom's little office area, in hopes of getting posting ideas. I looked at my little AJ village sitting on my desk... Already have done two posts about AJ toys... But then I looked above my desk, and noticed one of my Animal Jam drawings. Aha! I would post pictures of my real life drawings! So that my friends, is what we are going to be talking about. Without further ado, lets get started!

I drew this October 15th, 2016. I believe this is one of the first things I drew in my new sketchbook! I was looking at my Animal Jam fox Perler bead design while drawing this. I thought it turned out fairly well! 

This was drawn the same day as the Fox, October 15th 2016. It isn't one of my best, but I do like the way the first antler on the left turned out! I believe I was looking at the Animal Jam Reindeer Perler 
bead design on my iPhone while making this. I am a little bit ashamed that I wrote Raindeer... Honestly I just now noticed this.. Oh well! 

This one was drawn October 17th 2016! For some reason, it reminds me of a little French cat. Maybe I should have called it "La petite chat".. Hehe. 

A really good quote! I'm not sure who its by though. This one was drawn on October 17th 2016 as well. We actually have this quote as a little picture on our mantel! Well, we took it down because we put up our Christmas village.. Maybe we're decorating too early... 

This was drawn October 18th 2016! I really like the way this turned out. And yes, I named my drawing. Its Oswald The Owl! *Tries to hold back laughter* 

Another drawing from October 18th 2016! This ones a (very) rough sketch of a Phantom. I think I may have drawn too many arms.. 

Comment below on what you think of my drawings! I want your honest opinion on them. 

Now I would like to highlight an excellent piece of art, drawn by Karalee in the Adobe Draw App! Here it is! 

It's a drawing of me, and my pet Mirrorbook! This honestly is a breathtaking piece of artwork. Keep up the amazing work Karalee! Your an amazing artist! 

I hope up enjoyed this weeks post!

Here's this weeks Bible verse! This week I have it as a drawing!

Remember, God made YOU! 

Until next week, this is Graciepopstar91 signin' off! 


  1. Nice art! Honestly, my art on paper is HORRIBLE. My art on the cpu is wayyyy better.. XD


    1. Lol thats like the opposite of me

    2. I think I'm better on paper. But sometimes my art is okay on the CPU. Idk XD When we get back home (I'm at Bible study, it's over, but my parents are talking 😝) I must finish working on my AJ cartoon cheetah... it needs a little fixing up.. XD I was watching a video on Pintrist on how to draw it.

      Remember, God made YOU!

  2. :o
    You like Perler Beads too!? WOO!!!

    All those art pieces are great! And XD, raindeer!!

    1. Oh my, I have tons of those XD after church a few weeks back, my friend came over to our house and we did those for a loooong time o.o
      Hehe, I was looking at your picture on your blog of your perler bead designs, and I made a Mira and SnowyClaw while looking at your designs. They turned out pretty good! I should put a picture of them up on my blog sometime.
      Mhm :L my raindeer.. :sigh: XDD

      Remember, God made YOU!


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