Origami Table and 3 Unrealistic Features for AJ Animals

Well, it's me again. It's Penguin. The one and only Penguin. Today we have another post and there have been quite a few authors added to this blog, and I haven't welcomed them yet. I'd like to welcome Graciepopstar91, CoolCat and awesomepanda868. In fact, awesomepanda868 is one of my buddies, too, so it's nice to be working with her! Anyways, let's start the main part of today's post- the daily updates. Here is the new item.
Then, here is the Daily Explorer update.
 Lastly, here are 3 unrealistic features that AJ animals can use. In real life, I don't think you'd find animals doing these following things.
Animals playing pool? Ha.
Animals using teleportation? Another ha.
And animals having an inventory of clothes- this calls for a third ha.
So, what do you guys think about the new set of Origami Items? Do you like them? Also, I know there are more unrealistic features, but can you spot them? Thanks for reading this post, I'll see you guys later.

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