A Sundae Special!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here! I've got a special sort of Jammer Sundae today, and so, it will only be the Jammer Sundae for this week (rather than both the Sundae and the post). So, without further hesitation, let's get going!

A few weeks ago, Swirlshine suggested that I did a Jammer Sundae based on funny things I had seen happening in Jamaa. This was a great idea, but I didn’t have a story to share… until now. May I present to you: A Meeting With the Princess of Jamaa (based off a true story - names, characters, and certain lines will be changed/added for both privacy and enhancing the story)

One day in Jamaa, Pouncing was in her den, chatting with Little. It was a peaceful, relaxing day, showing no signs of being odd or exciting (excluding Pouncing’s shenanigans, of course). Suddenly, a loud crash came from downstairs ~ somebody had broken down the door!

"What was that?!” Little cried
"It’s probably just a-"

Pouncing was interrupted mid-sentence by a loud, bossy voice, and the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.

“I am the DJ Princess” Declared the voice from the other side of the room.

Standing in the doorway was a fox dressed in a confusing outfit that looked as though someone had tried to mash a DJ and a Princess costume together.

“ I am the DJ Princess” the fox repeated.

" I think we got it the first time, thanks” Pouncing stuttered.

“I’m sorry, but who exactly are you? You know, other than the DJ Princess?” Little asked dryly.

“I said I’m the DJ Princess” repeated the visitor, again.

“I don't know how I got this idea, but I think you may have mentioned that part already” Pouncing said nervously.

It didn’t look as though their “royal visit” was going to end anytime soon, so Little and Pouncing did their best to keep up their conversation. This was difficult as the fox took a seat the table and listened in as though this were completely normal for her.

“I really think that stores should go on sale more...” Little said, his voice trailing off.

The fox helped herself to one of the muffins on the table.

“Heh Heh, yeah..." Pouncing agreed uncomfortably.

Pouncing spread a large glob of frozen ketchup on a strawberry muffin. Little chuckled nervously as the “DJ princess” continued to stare at the two of them, as though waiting for them to serve her.

“Anyway, I’ve been wanting to buy this Amelia statue for a while and -”

Once again the 'Princess' interrupted.

“She’s my sister because I'm the princess of Jamaa.” She declared.

“I thought you were the DJ Princess though” said Pouncing, not understanding the logic.

“I’m both.” Stated the Princess, as if it were quite obvious.

Pouncing stopped trying to get mustard onto a pancake and stared, not knowing what to say.

Several more awkward minutes passed. Little got up to take a mental health break for himself. Pouncing's mouth hurt from trying too hard to smile politely.

“Alright this is getting too weird, this needs to stop.” Little spluttered, coming back in.

Little began pushing the strange fox toward the exit

"Really, truly appreciate the visit ma'am"

"But wouldn't you like to come visit my castle?"

"No, no thanks, I have been at faaaar too many castles lately and anything remotely fancy makes me cringe."

"Are you-"

"Yes, yes, thank you. I'm certain, yes. Thanks your highness, I'll be seeing you around, thanks, good day, goodbye."

He heaved a sigh of relief and locked the broken door once he had successfully gotten rid of the odd guest.

“Sorry, but enough is enough” He said to Pouncing.

“She seemed nice!" Pouncing said, giggling.

Little took one look at Pouncing and simply sighed.

And that is the basic story, which I sincerely hope you guys enjoyed! Please tell me if you like this kind of Story Sundae every once in a while - I really like hearing what you guys have to say!

See you next week!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !


  1. OMG! That was funny when that happened to us! I never expected that story to pop up here! Anyways, I actually did know her, but not very well. I went to a salon, and that so called "DJ Princess" was its host. She told me to get more people, but I just left. She must have memorized my username, because she was NOT my buddy, and came to my den while you were there. I am surprised this came up here though! (Fr0zenL0ver)


  3. ohhhh look at the sparrow....... look at the sparrow..

    SPARROWS BY JASON GRAY! I'M LISTENING TO IT AT THIS VERY MOMMENT.. but maybe not when u r looking at this ;)

  4. ohhhh look at the sparrow....... look at the sparrow..

    SPARROWS BY JASON GRAY! I'M LISTENING TO IT AT THIS VERY MOMMENT.. but maybe not when u r looking at this ;)

  5. I honestly dont care much for these skits, but mostly because they take away something I wait a week for. Also its quite strange about the privacy thing, why dont you just ask them if they want their username on a blog? anyways its a fairly decent skit.

  6. Well, I think it's pretty funny, Arctic! Maybe you could do a little story like this once a month?


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