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So lets get started, new in stores are... Snowman! Cute, huh? Well in Jamaa Mart Furniture store, you can buy a Snowman for I think 250 gems. I think it is very cute and has an adorable scarf and beanie. Though, when I saw it, brand new, it did not have a "new" sign on it. So, anyway, But that today for a cute winter wonderland look to your den!

What else? Oh, yes! New Years Eve! So as you know, New Years Eve is coming and so is the new you in 2016! So you know how people make a new year, like a new life, start fresh and clean. Well, while you make your New Years Resolution, put something that has to do with Animal Jam on there, like if you scam, talk about NOT scamming, or if you are rude to people, try not to be, or if you are addicted to Animal Jam, ease off, its not healthy. 

Also if you are somebody who wants to be neat and organized. (I love being neat and organized, I enjoy cleaning sometimes) Then you should clean up your account. Here is a list of what to do:

1. Recycle every den item you do not need, you can make gems and free up some space, and make sure you get everything, if you think you want it, think again, are you really, truly gonna use this?
2. Recycle all of unwanted clothing, do the same to the den items I talked about.
3. Recycle unwanted dens, pets and animals.
4. Delete everybody on your buddy list that is not a close friend or family member.
5.To everybody that you do not like or had a fight with on Animal Jam, say sorry and forgive them.
6. To all your close friends, send them thank you gifts.
7. Redecorate all your dens, make them nice, homey, and pretty.
8. Redecorate all your animals, nice, pretty.
9. Buy everything new that you wanted, and needed, make sure you are packed up, like being stored for the winter, make sure you have everything you want, but do not go overboard :D
10. Go to the arcade and earn gems. Raise enough gems to a certain amount of money, I'm not talking 2,000, im talking 10,000 or 15,000. Always make sure you have a lot of money in your account.
11. Make new friends on Animal Jam and make sure you be more social, do things you don't ususally do, like if you do not go to Mt. Shiveer a lot, go there more often :)
12. Make a schedule on how long a day you can go on Animal Jam, do not want to get to addicted to games.

So I hope you guys are having a wonderful winter like I am and have an awesome week! I will be posting on New Years Eve so make sure to check that out and have a wonderful day too!

Fun Fact! There is a planet called 55 Cancri E that is made 1/3 out of diamond, it is 40 light years away and is 2,000 degrees, 18 hours is one year there and its a blue planet. How cool is that? I am really fascinated in that kind of stuff :)

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