Hello Jammers its Friday and welcome back to another Grace2092 post!

Well first thing on the agenda, I was not too clear about the contest, so here. The contest has a mystery prize to the winning, but to win it you have to, (ON ANIMAL JAM, NOT REAL LIFE) Take cute Christmas pictures, whatever theme you want. Like sitting by the fire or tree, then send the pictures to my email and on the 20th I will choose a winner.

Next is, CHRISTMAS! Yay!

So we have the new Christmas Gingerbread house and dear have came back! Those are the top main things and I am super excited about this, ITS CHRISTMAS!

Okay so its early morning and I got to get to school, but the Jammaliday gift is a snowman in a box, how cute!

Well keep jamming and have a awesome day!

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Post every Tuesday and Friday for your entertainment.


  1. Thanks for clearing that up, Grace :) And another thing, instead of e-mailing you the pictures, can I maybe post them on my blog, The Weekly Jammer News, and you can look at them from there? If this doesn't work, let me know :)

    1. Of course! Would love to visit your blog again! Tell me when you are done with the pictures and I will look.

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