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Hey and I just want to say HAPPY FRIDAY, THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK, SCHOOLS OUT! I have to say that I am not that happy because I have a painful tummy bug :(

So lets talk about what happened on the new Jamaa Journal! Can you believe that the new arctic foxes have come? WOW!

My favorite is the color! All jammers are aloud to change color now, wow!!!!! I am super duper happy!

Is anybody else excited about this? I mean it is super cool! How have you guys been doing, I have been good, THANKSGIVING IS SOON! I am sorry, I am just really happy.

Guess what that I found out was cool, so I am studying astronomy, and there is a planet called 55 cancri e, it is 45 light years away and is made 1/3 out of diamond! WOW! It is a planet that is very close to its star, sun. And is 3,500 degrees! How cool is that! There is so many other cool planets!

Oh and somebody just wrote to me, I do not want to say any names in case she does not want any one knowing, but she wanted me to post this, it was on this website boggling facts, here it is, AWESOME CAT FACTS!

Most people don’t realize that cats make more popular pets than dogsDid you know that there are more than 73 million domesticated cats in the United States and more than 500 million worldwide? Just in North America alone, almost one out of every three households keeps at least one cat as a pet.
Cats and humans have a long and close relationship, and cultures across the world have respected and revered cats for their mysterious nature and incredible hunting skills for thousands of years. Tales of cats and their seemingly-preternatural abilities are told in the tales of every nation.
The ancient Egyptians had a goddess who was part, and Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was so fond of felines that he would go without his cloak if a cat was sleeping on it. In Japanese folklore, cats are believed to be the keeper of human spirits. In the original story of Cinderella, the fairy godmother was a cat.
Maybe the cat-human interaction has been so successful because virtually everywhere that humans go, cats can go also – from city to countryside and from desert to jungle. Cats are found on every continent except for Antarctica, and they have been known to thrive on certain volcanic islands where even humans can’t live.
Cats have many fun facts. Here is an engaging infographic of 10 fascinating cat facts that you probably never knew:
cat facts
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  1. Hey, those are cool facts! I'm surprised about how two cats can have 420,000 kittens in 7 years! All those facts I never knew! Including the one about the planet that is made of diamond, woah! Mind=blown, lol!
    Oh, and I hope your tummy bug goes away soon, Grace! Those things are never fun :l

  2. Nice post Grace!
    I didn't know that cats could have that many kittens in a year..wow! I hope you feel better, too. I'm under the weather as well! I might have the flu.
    And yeaaaahh! Thanksgiving break has begun!


    1. Rabbits make a million in seven years............... WHOA


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