Alrighty Then!

Greetings, Jammers! 

It has been a week since the blog's latest post, so I thought I'd kick it off with a bit of a review of what's been going on.

After what I like to call, "the roast ordeal", Annaliese P. uncovered some interesting information about dear old AJ offers. Be sure to read the post under this one if you haven't already.

That being said, it is also a good idea to move on and look into doing new things. During the week that I have spent away from here, I have been thinking about what to do for the blog. Rest assured, Ferret, Grace, and I will come up with something to keep the Animal Jam Community thriving.

I will be looking forward to seeing all of you again once the posting schedule has been finalized!

Feel free to contact me at !


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