Coral Snowman and Special 50th Jammer Sundae!

Greetings, Jammers! I have a very special post in store for you, so let's get on with our business, now shall we?

Today in the land of Jamaa, we have a returning item: The Coral Snowman! I've never loved this item, but I can't deny that it is creative! All that AJHQ decided to use to 'make' the snowman is so well thought out. However, I fail to see how this snowman is made of coral. It simply looks as though it is made of rocks to me! Be sure to buy this item for 300 gems in Sunken Treasures!

And now, it is time for our Jammer Sundae... wait! What's that? It's the 50th Jammer Sundae?! How crazy amazing is that?! In that case, let's get into the details of how this all began...

When my posts were in their prime, or as I like to call it, the Golden Age, the blog used to have many, many commenters - so much so that 30 comments on a single post was a regular occurrence. During this time, I met a buddy on Animal Jam named Jammersundae (the numbers on the username, I have since forgotten as it has been a few years). She was very kind and inspired me to make my posts better. After she quit, I decided to start a new post segment known as Jammer Sundaes, so that I bring more joy into the daily lives of my beloved fellow jammers!

My original banner for Jammer Sundaes was this:

After a while of posting with this banner, my dear friend Mldriver made a new and improved banner for me. Ever since then, I have been using this excellent banner:
Best wishes for the future, Mldriver!

Every week, the Jammer Sundaes were improved upon and have become the four-picture format that you know today! Now that you know a bit more about the history of Jammer Sundaes, let's top it off with another great Jammer Sundae!

We must promote awareness for this cause!
The truth of this is crazy:
Why is it that my pictures almost always turn out looking like this?
This little guy is giving all the chameleons out there a run for their money!
That's all for today's Jammer Sundae. Which one was your favourite? Personally, I love the "cheese dog". If you have suggestions for Jammer Sundaes, feel free to email them to me, or leave a link to the image in the comments!

And now, it is time for the fabulous factual part of this post!

Here is our lovely word of the day:

Redolent: Fragrant

What a wonderful word to described sweet smells!

And here, is our interesting fact of the day:

The letters "ough" can be pronounced in nine different ways depending on the word! Here is proof:

  1. Rough - pronounced "uff"
  2. Dough - pronounced "oh"
  3. Thoughtful - pronounced "aw"
  4. Plough- pronounced "ow"
  5. Through - pronounced "ooh"
  6. Scarborough - pronounced "uh"
  7. Slough - pronounced "ou"
  8. Cough - pronounced "off"
  9. Hiccough - pronounced "up"

Isn't the English Language crazy sometimes?!

Have a wonderful day, my friends. I shall see you all bright and early tomorrow for a Rare Item Monday post!

By the way, it would be nice if you could tell me how my new Signature Banner looks at the bottom of this post. Feedback would be greatly appreciated - I just made it yesterday, and would like to know if it looks alright or not!

Happy Jamming!

You are welcome to contact me whenever you wish at !


  1. Wow, 50! That's awesome! Haha, that smiley dog. I think your new signature is alright. :)

  2. Woo! 50 Jammer Sundaes! I only started reading this blog, maybe this year, or in 2014, but I love them! The dog was my favorite too, that face, lol!
    As for the banner, great work! That is certainly pretty!


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