New Items 4/18/12

Hey Jammers!
Today, Animal Jam got lazy and resold two rare items.

Jam Mart Furniture (Jamaa Township):
RESOLD: December 2010
This Train Set used to be really rare... I feel bad for the people who had it when it was resold. D=

Bahari Bargains (Bahari Bay) *Ocean:
RESOLD: February 2011?

The Flippers were never very rare, unlike the Train Set.

What do you think of the way AJHQ keeps reselling rare items? I don't think it's very fair for people who work so long and hard to get a really rare item and then soon after it is resold...

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. NO!!! Just a few days ago someone offered me 2 spiked collars, a legend glove, and a beta blanket for it!!!! NOOOOO!

    1. U should've accepted!!! I would've!

  2. Uh... if someone offered you a beta blanket you should have accepted...

  3. Meh, no. Beta blankets wouldn't be worth it even if the train was still rare. Beta blankets actually aren't as rare as they seem. Almost everyone has one now.

  4. Well, I already have a beta blanket and they're not that rare. ;)

  5. Im taking about the one aapen has.


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